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Smelt fans cheer return of smelt in 1971
by: from The Outlook Archives This house was available for $2,300 in 1921.

1911 - Oregon was expected to have a population of 1.5 million by 1920, bragged The Outlook 100 years ago.

In Fairview, city fathers approved a deal with the Mount Hood Railway Light and Power Company to bring both light rail and electricity to their city.

And crime seemed rampant in Pleasant Valley, according to the account of a resident who wrote that the valley was not so pleasant: 'It is becoming so that a person cannot leave their garden tools lying around without some light-fingered person making away with them.'

1921 - Ninety years ago, Oscar Thoren was building and selling a seven-room house for $2,300 (see photo).

1931 - In the editorial page 80 years ago: 'Spring technically begins tomorrow, practically it began some weeks ago in this part of God's footstool.'

The editor went on to rhapsodize about the early blooming of peaches, almonds and cherries, the fact that marigolds bloomed all winter and that tulips were announcing their 'coming out parties.'

1941 - Gresham's A.W. Metzger store was 30 years old 70 years ago. The cornerstone of Gresham's new post office was to be laid April 5.

1951 - The dramatic archway that framed Main Avenue entrance to the Multnomah County fairgrounds was torn down 60 years ago. It was not as substantial as it appeared, but had been in place since the 1930s. It was made famous in the film, 'Thunderhead, Son of Flicka,' which was largely shot at the fairgrounds

1961 - A scuba diving class, believed to be the first ever offered in high schools in the Northwest, was taught at Reynolds High School 50 years ago. And Elizabeth Giles of Fairview Farms was pictured boarding a train with her two children for a trip to Washington, D.C., to attend a milk industry school. They were all dressed to the 'nines,' of course: furs, hats, hat boxes and a fedora for young Sammie, age 8.

1971 - After an absence of 14 years, smelt returned to the Sandy River 40 years ago, thrilling aficionados of the small, oily fish. The last big run had been in 1957.

Up in Corbett, local residents were favoring the notion of incorporating as a city.

1981 - The Bridal Veil post office got a facelift 30 years ago. 'The wind slows down these days when it blows through the Bridal Veil post office,' The Outlook reported. Fred Romera installed new cedar siding on the tiny building to please his wife, postmaster Pat Romera. No one, man nor beast, had yet used the sturdy hitching post Fred built in front.

1991 - The Hound Hollow Golf Course was opening near the Multnomah greyhound track 20 years ago. 'We want a person who wants to take up the game, but doesn't want to go to Eastmoreland with no skills and have three dozen guys waiting while he tees off,' said D.K. Coverdale, Hound Hollow pro. The golf course eventually gave way to a shopping center.

2001 - A 3-ton concrete sofa was being installed as part of a comfy living room scene at the Gresham Central light rail station in Gresham 10 years ago. It is still there, but the site has earned some bad marks for being a place to loiter.

2010 - At this time last year, the nation's landmark health care overhaul became law. It would guarantee health coverage for 32 million uninsured Americans. Gresham's Dr. John Calcagno said it would help with early preventive care and keep many of the country's children out of emergency rooms.

Researched and compiled from The Outlook files.