Get a tax twofer for trust donations

Our Opinion

As the year winds down, people who can afford to make charitable donations should consider an attractive offer from the Oregon Cultural Trust.

The trust has a nifty tax incentive that allows someone to make two donations for the price of one. Here's how it works: Make a contribution to any of 1,300 cultural organizations in the state. Follow that gift with a matching contribution to the Oregon Cultural Trust. When you file your taxes, you can claim the entire contribution to the trust as a tax credit - your taxes will be reduced by that amount.

If you give $150 to the Artists Repertory Theatre and $100 to Lan Su Chinese Garden, then you can donate $250 to the Oregon Cultural Trust and get $250 back on your taxes. The trust then churns those donations back into local cultural groups.

To donate online, visit , or call the trust at 503-986-0088. Move quickly, the 2010 offer ends Friday.