Yoga can make a big difference


Would you let dust continue to collect on your favorite grandmother's hand-me-down antique? Would you let the dishes pile up in the sink? Would you let the toilet overflow without flushing it for days, weeks, months or even years?

Well, then why would you allow your own body and mind, your most prized assets to be soiled by stresses that land, inhabit and create a world of their own in you?

Let me begin by saying that each day matters and each moment within each day matters. Dropping a few coins in the piggybank every evening will add up! And cleansing your body and mind each day makes your experience for the rest of your life insurmountable!

Yoga is a very special practice unlike any other on the planet. The practice and poses of yoga have been around arguably for 4,000 years and counting and the benefits are countless:

n Stave off disease

n Normalize to your healthy weight

n Keep inflammation at bay

n Breath better and

n Sleep better!

Our nation's obesity level is at its highest point, sleep deprivation is unmatched and our personal monetary wealth has shrunk. Find another way to value yourself. Find another way to do what you were meant to do in this lifetime. Yoga provides the perfect time to sit and be still with what is on your mind. Sit and take a moment to catch up with yourself. I liken the meditation through our movement in yoga to defragmenting a computer. We must clean out our minds, remember/remind and bring the fragments of our fractured thoughts back together as one. Yoga meaning, to yoke has a way of making you feel whole again.

As you move through the very challenging poses your mind will get frustrated and travel through emotions of resistance, pity and self-loathing. Then, before you know what is happening you are finding ways to prevent the ugly ways of your mind from soiling your body (disease). Traveling through this process is powerful medicine, the most powerful. Then, as this beautiful and empowering practice takes shape in your body on the mat, you will learn to parallel skills to shape what is happening in your life off the mat.

My blessings to you unto the New Year and a new rebirth of you.

Meris Gebhardt runs Bodyoga of Lake Oswego.