Support our sheriff


I lived in Washington county from 1966 through 1999 when I retired form the Assessor's Office and Tigard Justice Court. In late '89 I moved to Washington state.

I saw the city of Hillsboro grow from a small town to a big one. Personally I feel sorry for the Hillsboro Police Department to have to put up with all things now.

I saw the Washington County Sheriff's Office slowly grow. When the county became bigger, the sheriff's office money was in danger. Many levies were shot down by complacent residents. My boss started a committee called 'For u' which meant the levy was for the protection of all residents. We made flyers and went door to door, had public meetings for all people to attend and speak their minds.

The matter is you get what you pay for. Finally, we got the public educated and the levy passed. The cost per thousands on your tax statement is for the sheriff's office as a separate taxing district. This way that money can only be used by the sheriff's office.

Today, Sheriff Rob Gordon runs the office. Has for a long time and he runs a good ship. He heads many committees and helps all of them in their endeavors. Wish I could have worked under him. Every levy since then has passed.

We have a well trained, smart, dedicated person in Jeff Dickerson. Let us keep him and vote for enough money to run the sheriff's office as it should, and he does an excellent job with what money he has. Our Columbia County has grown in large spurts and has a lot of people in it. It has grown, but the money hasn't. Do you know how many miles there are in the county and how it is broken up for each deputy to answer timely to serve all the needs of our county people?

Jeff has done much more for our county than any other sheriff for a long time. His leadership and dedication is unsurmountable for all of us. I helped in a small way on his campaign. I go to almost all of his public meetings to inform the people of his progress. Let us all get out to support him. It is amazing how all of his employees help him. But where is the money now to run it? I saw with a broken heart that the last levy was voted down, and I intend to push this levy to a win. That way many more like in Washington County, can win. We need to help each other, any way we can.

- Joanne Comstock Young, St. Helens