A working group convened by Metro has been holding meetings since August 2010 to discuss the issue of transferring the 10-mile section of Highway 43 from the Ross Island Bridge in Portland to the arch bridge - currently closed by ODOT for reconstruction - between West Linn and Oregon City. Other ODOT highways within the Metro Urban Growth Boundary are being considered.

The transfer of ownership would mean a transfer of ODOT's current responsibility for maintenance of the roadway and all supporting structures to the agencies of the local jurisdictions that the highway passes through.

The citizens of those local jurisdictions should be mindful of the ramifications of this proposed transfer such as:

n What is the current condition of the roadway and supporting structures?

n What are the current 2011 debt loads of the federal, state, regional, county and municipal levels of governance that may be associated with the OR Highway 43 transfer?

n Where will the taxes and fees come from to sustain operation, maintenance and roadway upgrades required to meet level of service and congestion needs for the increased population and related development Metro is forecasting for this area?

You better have a tight grip on your wallet on this one.

Documentation of my concerns can be found on a website: and in the file called 'MTNT_SNSK_OTC_

2011Feb.pdf.' Examine the abstract and access links to five primary key documents in lower right hand corner.

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