Elementary school students in Lake Oswego will see some schedule changes to make up for a shortage of 6.3 instructional hours due to the December snow days, while junior high and high school students should still meet state requirements.

The Lake Oswego School District board will discuss the changes at its next meeting on Monday, Jan. 12.

The Oregon Department of Education requires 810 annual hours for grades 1 to 3, 900 hours for grades 4 to 8 and 990 hours for grades 9 to12.

LOSD has differing lengths of school days for various levels that will allow the high school schedule to remain the same despite a loss of five days.

On Monday, Superintendent Bill Korach offered two potential solutions. The first has been used in the past and would take five minutes off of afternoon recess for elementary students for 79 days.

Another option is to recover the time by holding school on an in-service day and canceling professional development for teachers.

More options may come up before the meeting.

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