'Good news, we are ahead of schedule'

To the Editor:

The mayor would like to bring new and diverse families to the Foothills Park area. Good news, we are ahead of schedule.

On any given weekend we have many families coming from outside Lake Oswego to enjoy our parks and recreation on the riverfront.

Now if the 'streetcar folly' is truly going to become actualized to it's true potential the city should plan accordingly to retro-fit each car with fishing pole racks and coolers. The covered fireplace and kitchen facilities with sinks provided at Foothills offer a terrific spot for fish cleaning on rainy days and trash cans are conveniently located for fillet fish bone disposal.

The missing link that has not been mentioned in city plans for redevelopment is a first-class bait and tackle shop. Parks and recreation will also need to get ahead of the curve and plan to get in on spinning reel and bait casting classes and even more importantly tent camping so we can encourage more people to stay.

Charles M. Collins

Lake Oswego

Vote for Bob Barman for school board

To the Editor:

I am pleased to join others in our community supporting Bob Barman for Lake Oswego School District Position #5.

Bob has worked on numerous community issues and concerns - from the successful local option work two years ago, to his innovative drug and alcohol program at Waluga, to his championship of our kids by brining home LHS football games.

Bob has always been a steadfast and stalwart advocate of our civic, school and community needs. He gets the job done.

Please join me in casting your vote for an innovative, collaborative and proven leader: Vote for Bob Barman for LOSD Position #5.

Mark Pihl

Lake Oswego

DiVergilio deserves our vote

for school board

To the Editor:

I am writing to strongly recommend Tamara DiVergilio for LOSD Board Position 5. As a parent who has been closely following the district's planning for possible school closures and reconfiguration, I feel it is now more important than ever to have the best leadership possible on our school board.

Tamara is exactly the leader we need for the next four years. She is an intelligent, creative and critical thinker who believes in transparency. She grasps the complexities of the thorny issues facing our district and knows what information is needed to make thoughtful decisions. Furthermore, her commitment to transparency means she seeks information that sheds light on the many facets of issues and encourages the broader community to engage in dialogue that allows for authentic participation in decision-making.

Tamara has a first-hand understanding of the issues facing our elementary schools. She will not only be an effective champion for the school district, she will also ensure that the needs of our 'littlest citizens' are well-represented in school board decisions.

I am proud to support Tamara DiVergilio and encourage you to vote for Tamara for Lake Oswego School District Board Position 5.

Juliette Stoering

Lake Oswego

Vote for Barman to 'allow him to help us'

To the Editor:

I am just one of many Lake Oswego residents who are immensely pleased that Bob Barman is running for Position #5 on the Lake Oswego School Board.

I can't turn a corner without running into Bob in some volunteer capacity and his efforts have already had a profound effect on our entire community. From co-chairing two very successful high school auctions in the midst of a shaky economy to helping bring home Lakeridge games (and) from turning over every stone for the Foundation fundraising efforts, to championing Waluga's drug and alcohol awareness program for several hundred local parents, Bob gets the job done.

An old adage states that when you have an important job to do, ask the busiest person you know for help. Bob is not only busy, he's innovative, he's engaging and he's effective. Please join me in voting for Bob Barman for LOSD Position #5 and allow him to help us.

Mary Ann Kunkel

Lake Oswego

How much will the streetcar

feasibility phase cost?

To the Editor:

Appropriately, there has much pro and con discussion regarding the streetcar project but I haven't been able to find out how much this preliminary analysis of the project is costing.

It's apparent there are many hours of staff time being invested into this project along with current and future fees from outside consultants.

Does anyone know how much we Lake Oswegans are being asked to pay for this feasibility phase?

Rick Parfrey

Lake Oswego

Editor's note: Christine Kirk, public affairs manager for the city of Lake Oswego, responds:

'Assuming the streetcar project advances into the next phases of study - preliminary engineering, the Final Environmental Impact Statement and design - the portion of this work that the city would be responsible to pay for is estimated to be $2.5 million over the next few years. The funds to pay for this would likely come from urban renewal funds (LORA) in the downtown urban renewal district. This information has been presented to council in its Q and A sessions on the Lake Oswego to Portland Transit Project. For more information and documents, go to the city's Capital and Economic Development website and documents page and view=article and id=44 and Itemid=34 and and view=category and id=46 and Itemid=96.

Streetcar is the right way to go for Lake Oswego

To the Editor:

I was appalled at Jeff Gudman's column suggesting we shouldn't build a streetcar to Portland because its construction would require the use of large amounts of gasoline.

The traffic on Highway 43 is the worst usage of gas between Portland and Lake Oswego. It is congested and as we grow the congestion is getting worse. Adding a streetcar to an alignment we already own is the greenest and obvious choice for our environment. It will effectively add the equivalent of two lanes of traffic by transporting thousands of people every day.

We need to start electing people with vision. I am worried about Lake Oswego's leadership with this kind of thinking.

Juanita Parnicky

Lake Oswego

Barman 'is a proven leader in our community'

To the Editor:

We strongly support Bob Barman for LOSD Position #5 this election. We have been residents and Lake Oswego advocates for over 20 years, and we have known Bob for over 15 years both as a friend and as a champion of Lake Oswego, its schools and our community.

During this time, Bob has been an innovative worker promoting our schools through his leadership in co-chairing two high school auctions raising approximately $200,000, bringing home the Lakeridge football games while also helping to bring the local school community together.

In addition, Bob has worked diligently in collaborating with the schools and parental education about youth involvement with drugs and alcohol at Waluga, in spearheading revitalization of school team rooms and successfully leading our last efforts on the local option.

We encourage you to join us in voting for Bob Barman because he is an innovative, collaborative and proven leader in our community.

Bob and Carla Zinc

Lake Oswego

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