Rick Sound describes actions to save attempted suicide
by:  Rick Sound of St. Helens

Rick Sound of St. Helens helped save a woman who was about to jump off Portland's Steel Bridge on Tuesday.

Sound says he was on his usual route, crossing the bridge, when he noticed a woman with one leg over the guardrail.

Expecting her to jump, Sound immediately stopped the bus, got out, pulled her leg back down and grabbed her arm.

A passenger and another driver then helped get the woman onto the bus and held her until police arrived.

'I could have called in - called somebody - but it was something that needed immediate reaction. So, I just jumped in. It wasn't a planned thing. I think any other drivers -- most the people in Portland - would have done the same thing,' Sound told Fox 12 News, a media partner with The Spotlight.

Sound is celebrating his 24th year with TriMet this weekend.

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