Doctors Express promises fast, quality treatments

Ribbon cutting on Thursday, open house on Saturday
by: CLIFF NEWELL Dr. Kelly Leaf uses an electronic tablet to obtain patient information from Chelsea Hossani. The tablet is one of the many innovations Leaf is offering at Doctors Express.

People in Lake Oswego and the surrounding area will soon be getting well acquainted with Doctors Express.

The new medical center on Boones Ferry Road opened its doors for the first time on March 21, but this week is when potential patients can really get a close-up look.

The ribbon cutting for Doctors Express will take place today, March 31, from 4 to 6 p.m., and the open house will be held on Saturday, April 2, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 17437 Boones Ferry Rd., Suite #100.

'This will give people a chance to visualize the center and visualize what we're going to be doing,' said medical director Dr. Kelly Leaf. 'They can get an idea of how comprehensive our treatment will be.'

What Doctors Express is offering is something new: High quality service that is readily available and affordable.

Leaf can provide one eye-catching statistic that immediately captures people's attention about a Doctors Express franchise. The average waiting time for treatment in a hospital emergency center is four hours.

With a smile, Leaf added, 'The average wait at a Doctors Express is 20 minutes.'

The treatment offered will not only be fast but extensive. The clinic has a full-service ex-ray lab, on-site pharmacy, travel medicine capacity (immunizations), and occupational medical services to various companies.

'We'll be providing a bridge between primary care and emergency care,' Leaf said. 'We fulfill a need for expedient, readily available care without high cost. It's like one-stop shopping for your medical needs.

'We distinguish ourselves from other urgent care facilities in our quality of care. Here there will always be a licensed physician on hand, not just a P.A. or an N.P. Second, our comprehensive pharmacy is not common in the urgent care world.'

Doctors Express was started in 2005 by Dr. Scott Burger in Towson, Md., and Lake Oswego will have the 34th franchise in the USA. That is a good rate of expansion, but the growth this year will be phenomenal. Forty new Doctors Express centers are scheduled to open.

In Leaf, the center will be getting a physician extremely well qualified to lead the way in Lake Oswego. The Colorado native's entire medical career has been devoted to emergency care, but Doctors Express is offering him a new kind of opportunity.

'I did research about it and I found the concept to be really intriguing,' Leaf said.

Leaf will soon have a full staff on hand. Two doctors have been hired and one more is being recruited.

Meanwhile, Leaf said, 'I will be fulltime. Or even over fulltime.

'This is almost a new paradigm in health care,' he said. 'There is nothing else like it. We're here to alleviate the rampant problem of overcrowded emergency rooms. We can provide treatment much quicker, at the same level of care, for one-fourth of the cost.

'The average cost for an emergency room visit is $475. The average cost for Doctors Express is $125.'

'I think Doctors Express really fulfills a need. We want to partner with the primary care physicians, not compete with them.'

For more information about Doctors Express call 503-305-6262. The clinic is open seven days a week, 362 days a year at 17437 Boones Ferry Rd., Suite #100, Lake Oswego.