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Where are Walmart's women executives?

In the March 9 edition of the News-Times, a small column detailed the potential development of a second Walmart in Washington County.

Although it won't be a superstore, the fact that Washington County is going to once again allow a Walmart to be built is outrageous. Most arguments against Walmart are built around the problems it creates for smaller mom-and-pop stores and the employee benefits issues. However, in statistics released in 2010, Walmart proved to be a less than ideal place for women to work.

Women made up 72 percent of Walmart's cashiers and 65 percent of Walmart's hourly employees, yet only 33 percent of the corporation's upper management is made up of women. The most glaring statistic, though, is that women make up just 14 percent of Walmart's store managers.

In a country where we pride ourselves on equality, it's in our own backyard where inequality clearly shows its ugly head. They hire women to work on the floor, yet refuse to let them enter the office. We already made the mistake of allowing Walmart into our county once, and we shouldn't do it again.

Max Price

Forest Grove

What's up with the Pothole Highway?

Is western Washington County the poor stepchild of the Oregon Department of Transportation?

We have lived in Forest Grove for 8 1/2 years now and love our community. It just seems that the primary roadways from 10th Street in Hillsboro to Forest Grove are highly neglected.

I wonder if the TV Highway should not be renamed Pothole Patchwork Highway instead.

We have yet to see a resurface of these roads since we have lived here. Where do all our taxes go?

Michele Evans

Forest Grove

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