Teachers return from strike in '81
by:  from The Outlook Archives Gresham’s City Hall under construction in 1911.

1911 - One hundred years ago, a measles epidemic cut school attendance in Gresham by one third. Schools were closed for four days to reduce exposure.

And, reacting to the decision on the right-of-way for light rail and electric power lines into the city of Fairview, the Fairview correspondent wrote: 'While our little burg has been silently sleeping for a few past year we have not so soundly slumbered but that we, if required, could arouse and be on our feet to meet any proposition where we could see it to be to our benefit.'

1921 - Clara Kerslake of Springdale became the bride of Louis Baker of Bull Run 90 years ago. The two would settle in the community of Aims, creating a community of family and church in the far end of Multnomah County. The area is often called Bakerville.

1931 - The United Press announced 80 years ago that the 'small governing unit' had to be done away with in order to reduce the tax burden. That meant that consolidation of townships, small villages and even counties could create savings that would provide hospitals, schools, churches and other institutions to rural residents.

The sociologist who suggested the notion said it would take a community of 1,000 people to fund modern conveniences.

1941 - The nation, not yet in war, was still gearing up because of the conflict in Europe. The U.S. Army called for the purchase of 1,000 cavalry horses at the stockyards in Portland. The mounts, they said, had to be gentle and willing to have their feet picked up for inspection. No cranky horses need apply.

1951 - Gresham was trying to move out of its aged City Hall 60 years ago. Built in 1912 for about $2,510, the site on Roberts Avenue was showing its age. It housed the jail, the city staff and even part of the fire department. (See photo.)

1961 - A brilliant Gresham High student, Jean Ann Murrell, was murdered 50 years ago by a man, who in this day would be regarded as a stalker. Murrell, 17, was shot and killed by Joseph G. Baranet on a bridge over Stanley Road. He then turned the gun on himself. Murrrell was the winner of a National Merit scholarship that would have sent her to Reed College.

1971 - TriMet bus service was extended to Mt. Hood Community College 40 years ago. Gresham's first gourmet restaurant, the Garden Village, operated by Mark Goon, was opening on Northeast Roberts and Third Street. Goon had been associated with topnotch Portland eateries Canlis and Jade West.

1981 - After 15 months of negotiations and 15 days of picketing, Gresham grade school teachers returned to their classrooms March 24, 30 years ago. Left in the wake of the bitter strike was a recall attempt of school board members and threats by voters to nix an upcoming school levy.

1991 - Bill Dearixon delivered the Corbett Fire District's first baby 20 years ago, or at least the first child ever brought into the world by one of District 14's volunteers. The volunteer firefighters had prided themselves on always making the run to the hospital in time, but Kimberly Maertz came into the world on her own schedule.

2001 - A short-lived smelt run came to the Sandy River 10 years ago, but lasted only about four days. Glenn White, now a Troutdale city councilor, showed off a 13-pound steelhead and a smelt, both caught on the same day.

2010 - At this time last year, the campus at Mt. Hood Community College was closed because heavy rains got into the school's electric power systems and threatened to cause major damage to equipment. Similar problems occurred this year at the college.

Researched and compiled from The Outlook files.

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