Information from the public safety column comes from the records of the Lake Oswego Police Department. Police recently filed reports on the following incidents:


3/22/11 6:23 p.m. An apartment on Jefferson Parkway was burglarized of a Playstation, guitar, amp and cash.

3/22/11 7:28 p.m. A burglar broke a window to enter a house on Bullock Street. A laptop was stolen.

3/24/11 12:09 p.m. A backdoor burglary on Twin Fir Road resulted in the theft of an iPod and cash.

3/26/11 11:20 a.m. A home and a car at a residence on Laurel Street were burglarized. Among items taken were an iPod valued at $400.

3/28/11 1:34 p.m. Fingerprints left on a car may lead to the arrest of a thief who burglarized a house and robbed a car on Laurel Street.


3/22/11 10:28 p.m. A woman called in that she is learning how to drive and had accidentally hit a fence. She was told to call the fence owner to resolve the situation.


3/22/11 12:34 p.m. Vehicle registration and miscellaneous gift cards were stolen from a Jeep parked on Haven Street.

3/24/11 1:57 p.m. Unopened CDs and a fishing pole, with a total value of $60, were stolen from an unlocked vehicle on Lake Haven Drive.

3/25/11 9:14 a.m. Landscape yard lighting fixtures were stolen from a residence on Glen Eagles Place, with loss estimated at $600.

3/26/11 7:48 a.m. A 2006 Ford F150 was stolen overnight from a garage on Chapin Way.

3/26/11 4:25 p.m. A cell phone and sunglasses worth $500 were taken from a vehicle on Lund Street.

3/28/11 9:11 a.m. A woman believes some of her mail was stolen after finding mail on the ground near her residence on O'Brien Street.


3/22/11 6:55 a.m. The playground at Hallinan Elementary School was damaged due to an attempt to start a fire.

3/22/11 9:08 a.m. A BB was shot through at window at Zeppo restaurant on First Street. Damage was set at $1,037.

3/22/11 10:47 a.m. A nosy neighbor is looking through a woman's window on Boones Way.

3/22/11 1:28 p.m. Graffiti was sprayed on stop signs and other miscellaneous signs in the neighborhood of Eighth Street and F Avenue.

3/22/11 3 p.m. A girlfriend went berserk and started throwing things around her boyfriend's apartment. But she did have the presence of mind to leave before the police showed up.

3/22/11 4:13 p.m. An unattended 4- or 5-year-old child with a scooter was seen going across the road on Carman Drive and Quarry Road.

3/22/11 4:35 p.m. A dog-sitter was shocked when his neighbor's dogs ran away.

3/22/11 5:03 p.m. The extremely depressed client of a therapist is seeking advice on how to deal with his suicidal thoughts.

3/22/11 5:27 p.m. Rite Aid on Bryant Road is requesting extra patrols due to Wizer's being torn down.

3/22/11 6:24 p.m. A demonstration taking place at Tenth Street and A Avenue is legal but it is distracting traffic.

3/22/11 7:59 p.m. The continual gathering of young males (ages 18 to 25) hanging out on the sidewalk on Parrish Street is making some neighbors paranoid.

3/22/11 8:07 p.m. Concern over a loved one possibly contemplating suicide was aroused after he left messages of 'Goodbye' and 'Take care of your brother.'

3/22/11 9:57 p.m. Three or four juveniles are hanging outside of a store on A Avenue and asking people for money.

3/22/11 10:57 p.m. Loud noises and loud stomping are taking place from an apartment on Parkview Drive, and there is concern a break-in is taking place.

3/23/11 9:18 a.m. A female driver with a bad attitude was tailgating and flipping off other motorists as she travels down Kruse Way.

3/23/11 1:36 p.m. Litter bugs threw trash out of their car as they were cruising down Kruse Way.

3/23/11 4:23 p.m. An employee at a liquor store threatened a former employee who wanted to pick up his final check.

3/23/11 4:53 p.m. Three teens were spotted drinking behind a location on Lakeview Boulevard. The owner would like them to move along.

3/23/11 9:55 p.m. Police were searching at Stanford's Restaurant for the vehicle of a missing elderly couple.

3/24/11 7:30 a.m. An upstairs neighbor was stomping around and moving furniture for about 90 minutes.

3/24/11 9:29 a.m. There has been an ongoing problem with trespassers at a location on Lakeview Boulevard who have been leaving beer bottles around. The complainant plans to cut down shrubs and post 'No Trespassing' signs in order to alleviate the problem.

3/24/11 12:28 p.m. Nathan Michael Quiring, 27, registered as a sex offender.

3/24/11 1:37 p.m. An 11-year-old son threw a bottle of urine on his father, who was naturally upset.

3/24/11 1:41 p.m. A wild dog on South Shore Boulevard is plaguing a woman, and she is seeking options on how to trap the pesky pooch.

3/24/11 1:48 p.m. A man with a black eye and riding a bike appears to be confused as he sojourns down Boones Ferry Road. He is believed to the resident of a Lake Oswego care home.

3/24/11 2:07 p.m. A woman seeking to move out of a violent domestic situation wants police advice about her options. She is worried about how her husband will react when she tells him she is leaving him.

3/24/11 6:33 p.m. Since some neighbors have left town, four teenagers have been going in and out of their house.

3/25/11 8:32 a.m. A reckless driver has been plaguing the same area in the same time frame by driving at a high rate of speed, turning corners on two wheels and blowing his horn.

3/25/11 3:32 p.m. A man showed up at a delicatessen from which he had been removed and is refusing to leave.

3/26/11 12:26 a.m. Teens shot a marshmallow at a woman's vehicle on A Avenue.

3/26/11 2:22 a.m. A language barrier led to the misunderstanding between a cab driver and a passenger over paying for a ride.

3/27/11 11:33 p.m. A wife who uses pills and insulin had to be taken to Emmanuel Hospital.

3/28/11 10:07 a.m. A fluffy black cat named Tom became lost after losing his collar.

3/28/11 11:04 a.m. An unfortunate traveler lost her wallet with credit and debit cards and driver's license during a vacation in Mexico.

3/28/11 2:25 p.m. After honking at two speeding teens, one of the teens threw something at the honker's car.

3/28/11 2:51 p.m. A 14-year-old girl spent several hours screaming on Friday because she didn't want to go with her mother.

3/28/11 4:32 p.m. One dog attacked another on Glenmorrie Drive. Fortunately, no injuries occurred.

3/28/11 5:53 p.m. A driver almost had an accident on Boones Ferry Road while swerving to avoid hitting a dead possum.

3/28/11 8:26 p.m. Since being dropped off by a tow truck six days ago on Hallinan Circle, a disabled vehicle has not been moved.


3/23/11 11:20 a.m. A woman may be out $175 after giving it as a payment for furniture she saw on Craigslist. Now, the other woman has informed her that she is leaving the country and she cannot have the furniture.

3/25/11 4:33 p.m. A fraudulent ad on a house for rent appeared on Craigslist. The homeowner was aware of the false posting and has already pulled ads and hired a rental company.

3/26/11 9:09 a.m. A woman is being fleeced by a former friend in California who is trying to cash her checks and defrauding her on the Internet.

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