School district wins big in 24 math tournament


The number 24 was big in the Sherwood School District on Feb. 25, with eight students participating in the 24 math card game to determine the district champion.

The game is played by students looking at cards with four numbers and then figuring out how to get to 24 using multiplication, division, addition and/or subtraction, using each number only once.

The process started weeks before the district-wide competition when each fourth-grade classroom at every elementary school sent its top six players to school-wide contests, which narrowed the competitors down to the eight top players from each school.

Sherwood Middle School hosted the district championships, with the top winners listed below:

Quinn Christensen from Archer Glen placed first, James Hanson from Middleton placed second, Jack Agnew from Archer Glen placed third, and Wil Bloom from Middleton placed fourth.