NBC-TV visits Eastmoreland to film Grimm show pilot

by: David F. Ashton “Cut!” The cast and crew of NBC’s “Grimm” relaxes and walks away from a completed scene, strolling south along S.E. 36th Street.

The streets of Eastmoreland turned into a 'Hollywood back lot' when television production crews moved in during the week of March 20th.

S.E. Bybee Blvd. was clogged with huge production trucks bringing cameras, dollies, cranes, and lighting gear, and S.E. 36th Avenue was shut down for filming most of Wednesday, March 23rd.

Neighbors appeared to be more bemused than annoyed, but wondered which project was being filmed on their streets.

Although the officials at their production office declined to speak with THE BEE about it, we learned from the Governor's Office of Film and Television that the crew was shooting on-location scenes for an NBC television show pilot entitled 'Grimm'.

According to the Hollywood Reporter magazine, 'Grimm' is of the 'police procedural fantasy' genre, including characters inspired by Grimm's Fairy Tales.

Several media outlets now say the lead actor, David C. Giuntoli - best known for appearing in MTV 'reality' shows - plays a police detective who starts seeing some people as 'beast-animals'. Doing so, he discovers he must fulfill a legacy of defending humans from the beasts.

Currently, TNT's 'Leverage' and IFC's 'Portlandia' are being filmed in the Rose City. If NBC picks up 'Grimm' for a full season, it will be the third current episodic featuring our city.