by: David F. Ashton The force of the impact snapped the utility pole at the base, cutting power to some homes and businesses in the area for a time.

Errol Heights neighbors came out to see the cause of the commotion on S.E. 52nd Avenue on Wednesday, March 23, at about 6:30 pm, only to find a half-ton 'king cab' red pickup truck with shell lying on its side - and its occupants clambering out.

Apparently, the truck was turning off S.E. Harney Street, heading north on S.E. 52nd. An officer at the scene said the driver had sheepishly admitted that 'his truck slipped' while rounding the corner.

The truck slammed into a utility pole across from Errol Heights Park, snapping it off at the base like a matchstick. Some power in the area was interrupted for a time.

With both sides of the truck smashed up, and a ripped-up roof, officials guessed the truck had rolled over after the driver lost control of it.

By the time first responders arrived - Portland Fire and Rescue's Truck 25 crew, and AMR Ambulance paramedics - the truck's two occupants had already completed their escape from the mangled vehicle.

Police on-scene verified that the passenger was medically evaluated and treated on scene for scrapes.

Even though there wasn't a fire, Woodstock-based Truck 25 firefighters worked to pry open the engine compartment.

'Our first task is to tend to injured victims,' said PF and R spokesman Lt. Damon Simmons. 'Then, firefighters make sure electricity is shut off in the vehicle, to prevent sparking that may ignite spilled fuel - or which could allow an airbag to accidently trigger.'

Police offer no information on whether or not a citation was issued, or what factors were determined to be in the cause of this wreck.

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