Sellwood rapist found guilty


After a three-day trial in Multnomah County Circuit Court, David Samuel Washington was found guilty on Thursday, March 10th, by Judge Karin Immergut of rape, kidnapping, and first degree burglary in a 2005 rape between S.E. 16th and 17th on S.E. Bidwell Street.

Washington, then 24, had been in a group of some fifty itinerant magazine salespeople who were sweeping through Portland at the time, and the victim was a homeowner who had tried to refuse contact with the man who knocked on her door. He forced his way in, and committed the crimes.

Washington was arrested on unrelated charges in Tennessee in 2009, at which time a DNA test identified him as the assailant in Sellwood four years earlier.

After his conviction, he will be sentenced this month, facing a minimum prison sentence of over eight years.

If he is officially considered a 'dangerous offender', as the prosecutor has advocated based upon his criminal record, Washington can be sentenced to as many as thirty years in prison.