Support Monroe for the school board

To the Editor:

We are writing in support of Audrey Monroe's candidacy for Position 5 on the Lake Oswego School Board.

Audrey is a dedicated community and school volunteer who has served, in addition to many other roles, as PTO president, chair of the LOSD Coordinating Council (of PTO and PTA groups from all district schools), as a member of the Palisades School Advisory Committee, and is currently a member of the LOSD Consolidation Committee.

As the parent of an elementary student and a junior high student, Audrey brings a broad perspective and a desire to serve all school children in Lake Oswego. Her selfless and analytical approach to decision making was proven when, as a member of the Consolidation Committee, she recommended the closure of her own son's school.

Audrey has a calm, thoughtful demeanor that will serve her and the community well as a member of the school board. Please join us in voting for Audrey Monroe.

Amy and Greg Clark

Lake Oswego

Barman is the one to cast a vote for on the school board

To the Editor:

While working out at the gym you really do get to know your workout neighbors. I've been on the treadmill next to Bob Barman's Stairmaster machine for 10 years and to pass the time we have discussed almost everything under the sun. We politely disagree on many things, but we agree completely about Lake Oswego and the Lake Oswego schools. I strongly recommend Bob for the school board.

We moved to Lake Oswego over 46 years ago. The key reason we selected Lake Oswego was due to its great school system. Our kids received an excellent education from Uplands through Lake Oswego High School. We need to continue the history and commitment to education that is so vital to having a successful society.

We need energetic, thoughtful and collaborative board members. That has been the very definition of Bob. Bob has been a parent leader in his twins' schools and has shown that he has the capability of adding that leadership to the board. He is passionate about having a strong public school education.

Some things stay in the gym, but voting for Bob is not one of them. Please join me in voting for Bob Barman for the board.

Martin L. Jacobs

Lake Oswego

City should drop out of streetcar process until more is known

To the Editor:

I believe that we all have received the flier from 'Lake Oswego to Portland transit project' dated spring 2011.

The article raises two issues of concern: The third paragraph, fourth line up from the bottom states. '...the need for a more detailed analysis of the legal status and value of the Willamette Shore Line.' It would appear that such a critical issue as the the legal status of the right-of-way and valuation might be far off, Lake Oswego would encounter legal costs and possibly an increase in its cost share. This alone is a signal to hold off. So much money is involved it would be imprudent to move this process any further.

Further, under the Public Comment section, sixth line up from the bottom, 147 favored the streetcar, 45 favored enhanced bus and 56 favored no build and an additional 95 persons were strongly opposed. It seems to me that if 196 persons do not support the streetcar and 147 are in favor then why are we moving forward? I'm convinced that the naysayers are being ignored, typical of the politics of this political region. As I said before, the fix is in.

I demand of this city council that Lake Oswego drop out of this process until we know more. You are like blind men describing a camel.

John Beau

Lake Oswego


Lake Oswego City Councilor Bill Tierney presents Linda Favero with the WaterAfrica Day Proclamation.

WaterAfrica: 'Water is life. Sanitation is dignity.'

To the Editor:

On behalf of WaterAfrica and the Walk4Water4 planning team we would like to thank the City Council of Lake Oswego for proclaiming April 30, 2011, WaterAfrica Day in honor of our upcoming Walk4Water4. We encourage the citizens of Lake Oswego to join us for a 1-mile simulation walk beginning at Foothills Park at 9 a.m.

Register online at Only $35 provides clean water for a Zambian's lifetime and 100 percent of registrations goes directly to the people of Zambia due to the generosity of our sponsors. Enjoy African music, education exhibits and refreshments.

Our goal during our fourth year is to raise $40,000 with 400 walkers. Join us and help us save the lives of over 1,000 Zambians.

'Water is life. Sanitation is dignity.'

Linda Favero

Walk4Water4 Co-Chair

WaterAfrica Board Member

Lake Oswego

Monroe brings 'integrity and honor' to school board race

To the Editor:

I am pleased to endorse Audrey Monroe for Lake Oswego School Board.

Audrey and I recently worked together as members of the Consolidation Committee. Audrey's approach to decision making is exactly what the district needs in this time of great change and turmoil. She is a thoughtful, intelligent and focused decision maker dedicated to ensuring that students in our district continue to receive high quality education.

I am also impressed with Audrey's professionalism and political toughness. She exhibited the critical thinking necessary to examine every aspect of the difficult issues facing the committee, often bringing clarity to complex matters with patient diplomacy.

I am confident Audrey Monroe will represent us, the people of this district, with personal integrity and honor.

Frank Mondeaux

Lake Oswego

DiVergilio deserves your vote for Lake Oswego School Board

To the Editor:

I am one of many LO United For Schools supporters who are very pleased that Tamara DiVergilio is running for School Board position 5.

As a member of LO United for Schools, Tamara spent countless hours analyzing the minutiae of the school budget and spending, elementary school enrollment, middle-school issues, meeting with district staff and board members, attending city council meetings and coming up with solutions.

Tamara understands that there are a multitude of factors in making the decisions that will shape our school district and she has the intelligence and drive to understand them in all of their complexities. This is exactly the kind of person we need on the school board.

Tamara is an independent thinker and not a follower, she is a leader with an objective non-political perspective. She is the only candidate who is openly opposed to closing schools and putting sixth graders into a controversial middle school model without careful scrutiny and analysis of current educational research.

Tamara will put the quality of our children's education first. If you are a supporter of LO United for Schools then please vote for Tamara DiVergilio. Visit her website at

Phil Hyun

Lake Oswego


Members of the Lake Oswego High School cross country and track team helped make trail repairs Saturday in Springbrook Park.

Students thanked for trail work in Springbrook Park last Saturday

To the Editor:

Many thanks to the 40 students from Lake Oswego High School and their coach Eric Lider who volunteered in Springbrook Park Saturday, April 9. The team repaired 100 yards of trails with small gravel that should keep these sections of trails from turning into mud-pits during the wet season. The track team uses the park for active training during their running season.

Springbrook Park is a 52-acre urban nature area in the Uplands neighborhood, dedicated to the enjoyment of all residents and visitors to Lake Oswego. Over two miles of park trails connect surrounding neighborhoods, schools, and the indoor tennis center. This beautiful natural area borders Uplands Elementary and Lake Oswego Junior High schools and also serves as an outdoor classroom for students.

Find out more at

Paul J. Lyons

Lake Oswego

Barman has long history of community action

To the Editor:

I have known Bob Barman 17 years, long before we had children in the LOSD. During this time, Bob supported the schools as if his children were already attending.

I worked with Bob and his wife Katy raising money for women and children's charities with the Lake Oswego Junior Women's Club. At this time he was just as determined to build a better community for the schools.

I also worked hand-in-hand with Bob as we co-chaired the Lakeridge Pacer Club auction the past two years.

One of his main focuses was to provide classes in Lake Oswego with state-of-the-art technology to keep students interested and engaged in school.

I have three children in the Lake Oswego School district. My youngest will be entering junior high next year and it will be reassuring to have Bob Barman on the school board for the next four years. Bob is passionate and dedicated to the success of our school district and our community. He will bring practical solutions and will work well with our community.

If you don't know Bob Barman, I encourage you to take a moment to meet him at It will be well worth your time!

Michelle Holman

Lake Oswego

'We will be in good hands' with Barman

To the Editor:

While I do not have children in the Lake Oswego School District, I support Bob Barman for the LOSD Board, Position No. 5. I have had the pleasure of knowing Bob for the past 10 years and have witnessed his level of commitment to our community and our schools.

I believe Bob has set the LOSD as his priority. While attending school functions, I can always count on seeing Bob. Not only is he dedicated, but his enthusiasm is contagious.

Bob is well connected in our community and knows how to get the job done. As a businessman and a community leader, I feel that Bob will make a great addition to our school board. As I drive around town and see how many people support Bob with his campaign signs displayed I feel assured that we will be in good hands.

Thumbs up for Bob Barman.

Grace Bruns

Lake Oswego

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