Arrest made in TriMet spitting case

UPDATE • Tips from public lead to charges for Portland woman

TriMet Transit Police have arrested a woman suspected of spitting on a bus driver on April 1.

According to TriMet, Misty Blue Alaminia Carr, 27, is being held at the Multnomah County Detention Center. She is charged with harassment (a Class B misdemeanor) and interfering with public transit (a Class A misdemeanor).

A male passenger who was with Carr has received a 30-day exclusion for disruptive behavior on a TriMet vehicle.

According to TriMet, the incident began at 9:18 a.m. on Friday, April 1, on Line 71 at Southeast 72nd Avenue and Nehalem Street. When the pair boarded the bus, the woman paid her fare but the man walked past the driver. After the driver asked the man if he was going to pay his fare, he eventually departed. The woman retaliated by cursing at the driver and spitting in her face. The driver says the spit landed in her eyes and mouth, TriMet says.

TriMet released photos taken by an onboard security camera on Monday. Transit police subsequently received several calls identifying Carr.

TriMet has security cameras on most TriMet buses, all MAX trains and nearly all of the 85 MAX stations.