All candidates earn LOSFC endorsements

To the Editor:

The Lake Oswego Chapter of Stand for Children is pleased to endorse all of the candidates who are running for school board - Patti Zebrowski for position 1 and Bob Barman, Tamara DiVergilio and Audrey Monroe for position 5.

We interviewed the candidates last month and asked how each would approach the district's financial hardship, their view on the relationship between the district and the state, and the district and our community, and their view on future challenges, including the potential selection of a new superintendent.

We feel that each candidate possesses unique strengths and experiences and would serve our district well. While we realize that Lake Oswego is fortunate to have such dedicated and qualified people to choose from for these important positions, endorsement of all of the candidates makes it more difficult for voters to decide.

For more information on the candidates, LOSFC invites you to meet them and bring your own questions at our candidate forum on Thursday, April 28, at 7 p.m. at Waluga Junior High School Library.

For more information on our endorsement, please visit and click on Lake Oswego. Please remember that ballots are due on May 17.

Courtney A. Clements

Representing LO Stand for Children

Lake Oswego

Thanks for helping with Florida trip for Westside Allstars

To the Editor:

My name is Tori Copeland and I am a sophomore at Lake Oswego High School.

I have lived in this community for 8 years and I recently had a bake sale at the Lake Oswego Public Library to raise money for my dance team to go to the World competition. I am on Westside Allstars and this year will be the team's third year attending this competition, and my second.

At this bake sale I received a tremendous amount of support from the Lake Oswego community and I wanted to write into the paper to take the time and thank everyone that supported and donated to me.

The cost for the transportation, competition fee and hotel are $1,000 per person without the cost of food. So, every dollar that was donated to me was greatly appreciated. I am lucky to live in such a supportive community.

Westside will be attending the Dance Worlds in Orlando, Fla., April 30th and May 1st and we are so grateful that we can return and compete among the best. Thank you again for helping me get to Florida!

Tori Copeland

Lake Oswego

'… Like wolves licking their chops …'

To the Editor:

No money for water or schools but lots of money for streetcars.

Lake Oswego City Council has raised our water and sewer bills by over 30 percent. They are cutting back funds to our schools because we don't have enough money. They have made poor investments in the West End Building and failed to oversee the construction of city hall, resulting in a $10 million problem for each. Yet they are undaunted.

They want to combine the new library with a hotel and restaurant and put it downtown where the kids can play in the traffic and add to traffic congestion. To top it off since no investor would buy revenue bonds on a doomed project, they propose to issue G.O. bonds and indebt the whole city.

They are like wolves licking their chops over our well-deserved bond ratings and looking for a way to borrow and spend our kids' financial future.

All of this is topped off with a $458 million streetcar. These people are not responsible stewards of our money or future, they are just developers looking to make deals.

Mayor (Jack) Hoffman and a few other committee members should be replaced before they can make it much worse.

John J. Murphy

Lake Oswego

Editor's note: The city council is not 'cutting back funds to our schools because we don't have enough money.' Rather than cutting funds to schools, the council recently voted to shift about $2 million in city money to the Lake Oswego School District to help support schools.

'It's all about the money, right?'

To the Editor:

I haved lived in Lake Oswego since I was 6 years old and my children went to school here (they are 33 and 36), so that gives you an idea of how long I have watched the 'goings-on' in our town.

As the saying goes, 'I'm not new!' I am thoroughly frustrated with our city government. I just read about the plight of Kay and Mike Stevenson (and neighbors) regarding the unsightly manhole in the lake and our city's unwillingness to help them. When I drive South Shore Boulevard and cross the bridge by Maple Circle and see the decorative lights on the bridge, I cringe.

Why are they set on the corners and not in the center of the pillars? And the decorative signs put up to show the way to Lake Grove, Mountain Park, etc., to be found along Country Club ... remember the first signs put up were too small to be read and had to be redone? The Sport Court at Lakeridge High School? Remember? I realize these things sound small in the big picture. But I use them as an example.

Our city (not a town any longer) wants to bring us big things, you all know what they are. Will they end like these projects? Just not quite right? Right now I just hope the Stevensons get the satisfaction they deserve. And remember, they pay more property taxes than most of us.

Hey Jack (Hoffman), it's all about the money, right?

Lynn Guzie

Lake Oswego

Don't ruin Death with Dignity Act

To the Editor:

The sponsors seek to erect barriers to access the Death with Dignity Act.

HB2016 is designed to burden patients and physicians with needless procedures and bureaucratic paperwork.

Patients dying in rural areas, in particular, would be unable to travel great distances to undergo redundant and unnecessary additional mental evaluations.

HB 2016 is not needed to ensure the safety of aid in dying in Oregon.

Oregon physicians are already required to certify that eligible patients exhibit no signs of depression or psychological disorder causing impaired judgment.

HB 2016 would overturn a crucial provision of the voter-passed Death with Dignity Act.

Currently the law allows terminally ill patients the right to request aid in dying from their physician without an automatic presumption of mental illness and mental incapacity.

HB 2016 creates needless and costly hurdles to personal choice at the end of life.

Janet Schaefer

Lake Oswego

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