Your vote will translate into solutions


On May 17th Lake Oswego voters will be electing new school board members. I am running for position No. 5 and I am asking for your vote.

As voters evaluate the choices, it is important to consider what exactly the role of a school board member is, and how each candidate's skills and experiences qualify them to serve on the board.

The school board is responsible for budget oversight and development of the policies and guidelines that set the direction for the administration of the school district. Each policy, guideline and determination regarding the allocation of district dollars is the result of a board decision.

Of critical importance is the ability of a board member to understand and responsibly oversee the district budget. As co-owner of a successful business which has 24 locations throughout five states, I understand personnel and bottom line issues. This knowledge will be extremely valuable in the administration and oversight of the district budget. I will bring a disciplined approach to budgets and pledge to make fiscally responsible decisions that provide the greatest education benefits to our children.

Arguably the most important skill a board member should possess is the ability to make well informed and sound decisions. Our community must be able to trust the decision-making process of each board member in order to support board decisions.

The experience and insight I have gained from working as an Advisory Board Chair, PTO president, Coordinating Council chair, a School Advisory Committee member, and participating in the Consolidation Committee have given me an understanding of the complex issues we face and the significant assets we must preserve. This experience and understanding is an important qualification of my candidacy and will serve my ability to make informed decisions.

My motivation for seeking Position 5 on the school board is to preserve the exceptional quality of our wonderful Lake Oswego Schools. I have children at the elementary and middle school levels and am invested in the long term success of our schools.

I am proud to be a part of a community that places such a high value on excellence in education and has a history of working together to seek solutions. There are many significant decisions yet to be made by the current board as well as in the coming years. I have already been a part of the work underway to solve our budget challenges. I have been an active supporter and volunteer for the Foundation, a district committee member for the last local option levy as well as a member of both the School Advisory Committee and the Consolidation Committee. I have a big picture, comprehensive understanding of all the dynamics affecting our budget and I am well prepared to serve on the board to represent the best interests of the children in the district.

With your vote I will be a part of solutions that optimize every education dollar spent in Lake Oswego. I will work to serve the interests of the greatest good without sacrificing the needs of individual students.

Please visit my website at to see my list of supporters and to learn more about my vision for Lake Oswego Schools. I also invite you to contact me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Audrey Monroe, Lake Oswego, is a candidate for position No. 5 on the Lake Oswego School Board.