Monroe is best choice

To the Editor:

As the parents of three children who attend public schools here in Lake Oswego, my wife Chris and I are committed to ensuring that our community's children are receiving an exceptional education.  That is why we are proud contributors to the Lake Oswego School Foundation, and that is why we are voting for Audrey Monroe for Lake Oswego School Board.

 There has never been a more important time for us to elect someone to the school board who has extensive experience, knowledge of the serious issues facing our schools, and a sincere desire to do what is best for the children.  Audrey Monroe is that person.   During these challenging times, Audrey has devoted countless hours to researching the issues and attending nearly every meeting regarding our schools.  She has an in-depth understanding of the complex issues and has already been engaged in finding solutions. 

 Chris and I have known Audrey for many years, and know that she is an individual of great honesty, integrity, and common sense.   Most importantly, she is totally dedicated to doing what is best for our kids.   

 We urge you to join with us in proudly voting for Audrey Monroe.

Chris and Chris Dudley

Lake Oswego

Barman is right candidate

To the Editor:

We are happy to support and recommend Bob Barman for the Lake Oswego School Board.

We have worked with Bob on many committee projects with the Lake Corporation and some city issues, and we are highly impressed.

He is decisive, well researched, and works cooperatively with others. He has earned our support.

John and Priscilla DeCosta

Lake Oswego

Give DiVergilio your vote

To the Editor:

Please accept my whole-hearted and enthusiastic support for Tamara DiVergilio for Lake Oswego School Board.

As a parent to elementary school-aged children, Tamara brings a fresh perspective to the issues facing the district. Tamara, who earned an MBA with an emphasis in finance, has proposed increased financial and process transparency to partially address these issues. Tamara's call for structured problem solving, innovation and open debate are sound and well thought out.

Tamara would bring the critical balance of intelligence, insatiable work ethic and even temperament to the school board. I have had the pleasure of working through and analyzing many of the district's issues with Tamara and know that she logically analyzes and considers all positions and makes rational choices.

Tamara understands that as a board member that she would be representing the Lake Oswego community as a whole - schools, neighborhoods and businesses. Because the decisions facing the district impact all factions of our community, Tamara's community perspective is a good fit.

I urge the community to visit Tamara's webpage to learn more about her and to support her in her quest to serve the district as a member of the school board.

Marti Sharp

Lake Oswego

'We trust' Barman

To the Editor:

We have known Bob Barman for over 10 years. We immediately noticed how involved Bob was in the school district as well as our community.

I worked with Bob on the Waluga Booster Club when he was president. His leadership was exemplary with his charismatic way of motivating parents, administrators and students alike.

He co-founded a Drug and Alcohol awareness program with parent, student, administrator and speaker involvement. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious, his commitment and dedication to the LOSD unmatched. He is a highly respected citizen who relates well to parents, citizens, administrators and students.

Bob also helped the LOSD Foundation, where he was extremely successful in raising funds for the district. He and his wife Katy have also co-chaired two very successful Lakeridge auctions.

Our community is fortunate that he is running for board position 5 - we cannot imagine a better candidate. He cares about the future of our district, has the talent and takes the time to achieve results and has a keen interest in making the best choices for our school district. We trust his judgment and appreciate his integrity along with his professional expertise.

Please join us in supporting Bob Barman.

Friedrich and Annette Baumann

Stuttgart, Germany

Monroe supports children

To the Editor:

I have known Audrey Monroe for over seven years and have found her to be one of the most upstanding people dedicated to the children of Lake Oswego.

Audrey was the president of the parent's organization for Palisades and was a true leader and advocate for our students. This is the role in which she showed her ability to inspire people to do more than they normally would and because of her efforts more money was raised in that year than any previous year. I mention this because as we all know it takes money to educate and Audrey knows this lesson well. She is the individual that I would trust to make sure that the children come first no matter what the budget crisis is.

Audrey is a mother of two children here in Lake Oswego. She is an inspiration to many of their friends in making the most of the opportunities both in education as well as in extra curricular activities.

For these reasons please vote for Audrey Monroe for the Lake Oswego School Board position 5.

I know she is the right person for the board.

George Mann

Lake Oswego

Support Barman for school board

To the Editor:

Our community is depending on the leadership of the Lake Oswego School District to keep our school programs strong for our kids during good financial times and bad.

That's why this school board election is so important. Bob Barman is the right person for this difficult job in the most difficult of times. He listens. He is involved. He understands there are always several solutions to a problem, but he will take the time to find the best solution.

Bob Barman has been a great Palisades Neighborhood Association representative. We walked his neighborhood together learning about the views of his neighbors on various city issues. He always respected the folks we talked to and tried to learn more about where we might find common ground for solving problems. I know he will do the same as a member of the Lake Oswego School Board.

I support Bob Barman for school board and I hope you will do the same.

Donna Jordan

Lake Oswego City Councilor

An effective leader: Monroe

To the Editor:

These are challenging times for education and our Lake Oswego School Board is facing unprecedented challenges. They are our voice of leadership on the front lines of public education.

As we examine our candidates, we are looking to elect someone who can approach decisions with an open mind, analyze and critically examine complex issues, balance the needs and concerns of the community, and understand the long term implications of their actions. It is of utmost importance to elect a candidate with a high level of integrity.

Audrey Monroe will be the kind of effective leader that preserves the quality of our exceptional schools. Through Audrey's many leadership positions, she has earned the reputation of being committed, level headed and is known to act with integrity and in the best interest of our children. We are voting for Audrey Monroe for Lake Oswego School Board Position No. 5, and we urge you to do the same.

Bob and Kristen Engel

Lake Oswego

Barman is best choice for board

To the Editor:

Bob Barman is the best choice for our Lake Oswego School Board. He is a true and honest friend. I met Bob and his wife, Katy, three months after they moved to Oregon, over 25 years ago.

Through the years, he has always supported me as an educator in the Lake Oswego School District. Before starting a family, he attended the many functions my own children were involved in at Westridge, Waluga and Lakeridge. He rooted for my children at many sporting events, attended their choir and Company performances, and always contributed to their yearly fundraisers. My children forever trust Bob will always be there for them.

I teach because of supportive parents like Bob Barman. Our schools and our children's education are a priority to Bob. For years Bob has visited my classroom and is always eager to meet my students and have them share what skills they are learning. He is sincere and passionate about our students, teachers, our curriculum and our district.

The residents of Lake Oswego are fortunate to have Bob Barman running for the school board. He is dedicated to our children, their teachers and to the community in which we live.

Margaret Zuercher

Lake Oswego

Monroe will be a great addition

To the Editor:

There has never been a more pressing need to vote qualified, energetic and intelligent members of our community to our Lake Oswego School Board.

Audrey Monroe is a candidate with these requirements and then some. Audrey is a proven leader - as a PTO President at Palisades, as the head of Coordinating Council, as a member of SAC, and currently as a member of the Consolidation Committee. Audrey is already working hand in hand with the school board in this capacity, and as a result - she is the one candidate who has current and relevant experience with the consolidation process from the inside out.

Equally important, Audrey is able to put her personal feelings aside when making informed decisions. Her youngest child is a student at Palisades - one of the schools that is named for closure. Her oldest child is a seventh grader at Waluga Junior High School.

In a time of uncertainty and imminent change for our schools, Audrey is capable of making smart and informed decisions based on facts and what is best for our community at large.

Qualified. Energetic. Intelligent. Audrey Monroe would be a great addition to the Lake Oswego School Board.

Angie Matteri

Lake Oswego

Why don't we vote on streetcar?

To the Editor:

As the members of our Lake Oswego City Council (our elected representatives?) continue to ponder the 'Streetcar Project,' I see what appears to be an overwhelming opposition.

This was demonstrated by those speaking at last week's city council meeting, where opponents outnumbered proponents by more than 2 to 1. This is also demonstrated by emails received by council members, who (privately) tell me that the oppositon may be in the range of 4 to 1.

Also, discussions with at least one former mayor indicates a similar (4 to 1) opposition. This, therefore, begs the question: Why not put the Lake Oswego Streetcar Project up to a vote of the people? Do our elected repepresentatives know 'what-is-good-for-us' better than we do? Are they afraid to find out what is the will of the people?

Syd Dorn

Lake Oswego

Member of the Lake Oswego Chamber Board

Cast your vote for Monroe

To the Editor:

We encourage everyone in Lake Oswego to invest their time in getting to know the candidates before voting in the May 17th election. The stakes have never been greater for our children and our schools.

We are fortunate to have three committed citizens running for school board position 5. However, Audrey Monroe is clearly the best candidate for the job. She has a work ethic that will make her an asset on the board, and is a diligent and objective decision maker. Having no agenda of her own, Audrey wishes only to serve our community, especially our children. Her years of leadership and volunteer work in the district's schools give her a perspective of where we've been, and an appreciation for the excellence we are striving to maintain. Her direct involvement in districtwide problem solving also set her apart.

Audrey is an intelligent, honorable and trustworthy citizen of our community. She brings a business owner's perspective and we can count on Audrey to do her homework for each one of the important decisions the board will face in the coming years, and to make the tough decisions in these challenging times. Audrey Monroe has our vote for Position 5.

Tracy and Stuart Sandor

Lake Oswego

Comments 'struck home'

To the Editor:

As a Lake Oswego homeowner who attended the April 12th city hall streetcar meeting, three speakers struck home.

First, the West Linn resident who thought the Lake Oswego streetcar proposal was a debt 'black hole' for our city and a danger to suburban life in West Linn since Highway 43 is a suburban artery and blocking that artery with more red lights and increased crossing traffic patterns deprives outlying neighborhoods of auto and bus access.

Second, the bright-eyed young lady who reflected the wants of so many young people: Electric cars, foot traffic living and a job. She thought a streetcar would help her with these goals.

Third, the land developer who wanted the streetcar because it was the highest and best use for the Foothills neighborhood land. He envisioned transforming industrial land with water and rail access into a community like the area under the tram to OHSU.

After listening to neighbors, it is clear to me that a crossing traffic solution similar to the one built east of the Ross Island Bridge at 17th and S.E. Powell Boulevard should be factored into the cost. Hastily grabbing federal transportation dollars seems unwise, especially since we already own the right of way to Portland for future use.

Industrial lands with water/rail access could allow railroad bridge access to Milwaukie's light rail in return for rail delivery of product. Lake Oswego should be more forward thinking. These industrial lands have unique future value with potential to answer the dreams of each speaker.

Doug Chisholm

Lake Oswego

West Linn not included

To the Editor:

To the masterminds of the Lake Oswego Streetcar project: I can't believe that West Linn was not invited to be in the planning stage with Lake Oswego, Metro, TriMet bus service on Highway 43, bus No. 35 or 36, I think.

Many of the passengers who take that bus to work in Portland every day are from West Linn. The West Linn city councilor testified on April 12 that they would no longer have bus service in West Linn. Do you think that was a neighborly thing to do? Now you want them to let us expand the Lake Oswego Treatment Plant. Do you think that would be a neighborly thing to do?

I do not think the streetcar steering group has taken into consideration that not everyone in Lake Oswego uses Highway 43. They do not take into account the many cars that go down Kruse Way and Kerr Parkway from Highways I-5 and I-205 every day on their way to work. I think if Stafford is annexed, those people will use Highway I-205, not Highway 43.

I do not want our town torn apart again to make another Portland out of Lake Oswego; no Pearl District either. If you want that, move to Portland or the Pearl District.

Kay Kerr

Lake Oswego

Consider the ferry option

To the Editor:

As a former Northeast Portland resident, I recall the sacrifices many downtown businesses made when the first Max line was engineered into our existence. That decision and none since have been a product of democratic deliberation or popular vote.

I now live in West Linn, and the argument for the streetcar connecting Lake Oswego and Portland is even less compelling with a major solution to traffic on Highway 43 not even seriously entertained:

Why haven't Portland and Lake Oswego considered usage of the Willamette River and a ferry system to move people?

Commuters could board at river locations in West Linn, Lake Oswego and downtown and south Portland at multiple points. It would use a natural thoroughfare which is not confined by the strictures posed by the Dunthorpe hills. It would be far less noisy and pose no danger except for possibly an inattentive water skier, boater or fisherman.

It is an obvious draw to tourists and could service as well the sorts of travelers wanting to go to a development area and would afford passengers the soothing river surroundings during all seasons.

Many say Portland is different. This would prove it in a good way. And just ask the thousands that travel across Puget Sound between Bainbridge Island and Seattle every day if it works.

With all the budget and geographical constraints not to mention omitting service to those areas south of Lake Oswego and north of the south waterfront Portland area, I'm amazed the ferry option hasn't been seriously explored.

I hope we haven't become a political community of 'don't bother me with the facts, my mind is already made up.'

Robert E. Repp

West Linn

Autos will be different

To the Editor:

Proponents of the streetcar must remember that Lake Oswego is not a vacuum and void of technological advancement.

In 10 to 20 years time, when the streetcar is supposed to be at its best, autos, as we now know them, will be different. (Look at cell phones and computers today versus just 15 years ago.)

'Necessity is the mother of all invention' and unprecedented research and development in the auto and alternative fuel industries are under way throughout the world. I can't fathom what might be fueling my car in 20 years. I'm sure, however, I will be driving it and getting to Portland well before the streetcar riders!

Chris Nickerson


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