Ducks on target

Duck hunting has started, and bad weather brings them out.

'It's been OK, not on fire,' says Owin Hays, a host of Comcast SportsNet's 'Outdoor GPS' talk show. 'I spend a lot of time on Sauvie Island, an absolute diamond, we're so lucky to have it close to Portland - a great water fowl place.'

Other good spots, Hays says, are E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area, in Benton/Polk counties and, of course, the Columbia.

Duck hunting season goes through January, followed by a special permit geese season.

A rifle deer season in the Cascades opened Oct. 24. Rocky Mountain elk remains open in Hood, White River, Maupin and parts of Biggs counties.

Fall turkey tags are also available for 17 Western Oregon units.

Cougar and bear seasons are open through the end of the year on the north coast.

Most rivers and streams are closing for trout fishing Oct. 31, but most lakes and reservoirs will remain open.

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