'Extraordinary Measures' stars Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser
by: Courtesy of CBS Flims, Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser star in "Extraordinary Measures," the movie filmed in Oregon from April to June. It follows the story of businessman John Crowley and his attempt to develop a drug to fight the life-threatening disease affecting his two young children.

'Extraordinary Measures,' the filmed-in-Portland movie starring Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser will be released to theaters Jan. 22.

The film, originally called 'The Untitled Crowley Project,' was filmed in the Portland area between April and June. It also stars Keri Russell and Courtney B. Vance.

Tom Vaughan directed the CBS Films' movie based on the true story about businessman John Crowley (Fraser) who quit his job and began working with unconventional scientist Robert Stonehill (Ford) to find a cure for his children's life-threatening Pompe disease. Robert Nelson Jacobs wrote the screenplay.

He and Stonehill raised thousands of dollars and formed a biotech company to develop a drug for the disease. Crowley's battle helped prolong the lives of his two youngest children, Megan and Patrick.

Go to the movie's Web site to see a trailer and find more information.

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