letters April 28, 2011


Barman's support is lauded

To the Editor:

Two weeks ago, I read a letter to the editor in support of Bob Barman's campaign for a seat on the Lake Oswego School Board.

In it Bob was quoted as declining a campaign contribution and instead suggesting a contribution to the Lake Oswego School District Foundation. Going into this election season, I felt that Bob was the right person to be serving the community on the school board. This letter reinforced my feeling. Bob understands that our schools depend on the community pulling together with its full support.

Not only will I be voting for Bob Barman, I made an additional gift to the foundation in his honor to acknowledge his generosity, spirit of service and understanding of the importance and value of our schools.

Anne Woodbury

Lake Oswego

Monroe a strong leader

To the Editor:

Our schools need strong leaders.

Audrey Monroe will be a strong, balanced leader on the Lake Oswego School Board. Audrey knows how to handle tough situations with a calm and direct approach, considering all options.

She's been in tough leadership positions in this district where she has successfully brought the community together to solve tough problems. Audrey is someone who can and will make the best choice possible for all the students in our district, when none of the options are good.

She thinks about the broader good, not just one interest group. Probably the thing I value most about Audrey is that she really listens to what people say and places value in those opinions. Audrey is someone we can trust to make hard decisions that impact our kids, and our community. Vote for Audrey in May.

Jennifer Curran

Lake Oswego

Give DeVirgilio your vote

To the Editor:

I'm supporting Tamara DeVirgilio for Lake Oswego School Board.

Tamara is against expanding middle school to include sixth graders. Sixth graders don't benefit from a high stakes social environment and multiple teachers in a large middle school. Tamara understands the drug problem at Lake Oswego junior and senior high schools is serious and is being made worse by denial.

Tamara is an independent voice for a school board that has been dominated by the superintendent. Please consider supporting her and making an extra effort to vote and show your support. Resistance to an independent voice is strong.

Ralph Galantine

Lake Oswego

Barman deserves your vote

To the Editor:

I have known Bob Barman for a number of years and had the opportunity to serve on several committees with Bob.

He approaches tough issues and drives to common solution with a high level of energy and understanding.

It is great to see Bob stepping up to run for the Lake Oswego School District Board position No. 5. Bob's dedication and drive both to the community and our schools is needed during these challenging times for the great Lake Oswego schools.

I urge you to vote for Bob in the upcoming election, you could not vote for a better person for position No. 5.

Jay Hamachek

Lake Oswego

Put Monroe on the board

To the Editor:

We are writing to urge your endorsement of Audrey Monroe for Lake Oswego School Board Position 5. We have known Audrey for several years and have had the opportunity to work with her on several projects of mutual interest.

Audrey is one of the most hard working and conscientious people we know. On many occasions, we have watched her utilize her calm and thoughtful diplomacy to find common ground between competing interests. Her service as PTO president, chair of the LOSD Coordinating Council and her current position as a member of the LOSD Consolidation Committee make her uniquely qualified to serve as a member of the Lake Oswego School Board. Audrey has educated herself on the policy issues confronting the school board and is keenly aware of the difficult decisions that lay ahead.

We have great schools in Lake Oswego and we, as citizens, all have a common goal: We want the children of Lake Oswego to get the best education possible. At a time when our public education system is experiencing great turmoil, Audrey Monroe is the right person for this important position.

Rebecca and Kevin McAuliffe

Lake Oswego

DiVergilio is worthy

To the Editor:

I have known Tamara DiVergilio for the past few years as both our daughters are in the same first grade class and through her volunteering with the school community and PTA.

Her analytical and practical decision making, ability to work across all levels, her belief in transparency to process and alternatives are invaluable skills required of this position.

She will provide balanced representation for the school board that currently has no members with children (PreK-5) in elementary schools.

She supports increased financial and process transparency. Tamara embraces communitywide debate and can and has already asked the tough questions on issues brought before the board.

I believe Tamara is also one of the few who has attended the bulk of the consolidation meetings, school board meetings and city council meetings related to LOSD budget crisis since last December.

Please join me in supporting Tamara DiVergilio as the well-deserved and needed candidate for Lake Oswego School Board Position No. 5.

Ellie Brewer

Lake Oswego

Many reasons to support Barman

To the Editor:

We wholeheartedly support Bob Barman for position 5 on the Lake Oswego School Board.

These are challenging times and we need a leader who is up to the challenge. Bob is that person. He is smart, a listener, a consensus builder, an innovator and passionate about helping kids in this community.

We have known Bob and his family for approximately 8 years. Throughout that time, and despite running a growing and successful business, Bob always makes time for the community. These examples stand out for us:

n As Waluga PTO President Bob led the Parent Drug and Alcohol Awareness Program, drawing as many as 600 parents and students to events.

n Bob co-chaired the committee that brought home football games to Lakeridge High School.

n Along with his wife Katy, Bob has twice co-chaired the Lakeridge Auction.

n Bob works tirelessly on behalf of the LOSD Foundation.

n Bob is a strong advocate for foreign language instruction in the district.

n Recently, he chaperoned Lakeridge students participating in the Model United Nations on visits to Salem and New York.

The May 17 election is important. Please join us in voting for Bob Barman for the school board, position 5.

Mike and Carol McClory

Lake Oswego

Monroe is 'best choice' for board

To the Editor:

I am voting for Audrey Monroe in the upcoming Lake Oswego School Board election for a number of reasons.

I have known Audrey for over 20 years and have witnessed first hand how she approaches decisions with the perfect balance of listening skills, research, and leadership. I know Audrey to be very thorough and careful in her work. I trust that she will make well informed decisions.

Audrey is the parent of an elementary and junior high student. She would provide an important balance to the board which is currently comprised only of members with children in high school or older.

Audrey already has an enormous level of experience in dealing with the tough issues our district faces today. She has served as chair of Coordinating Council, member of the SAC and consolidation committees, given her time as a Foundation volunteer and was on the district committee for passing the local option levy. Wouldn't you want someone with that experience being able to hit the ground running?

I encourage you to join me in voting for Audrey Monroe. She is the absolute best choice for Lake Oswego School Board position No. 5.

Julie Holum

Lake Oswego

Walking to save lives in Lake Oswego

To the Editor:

We've certainly been blessed to live in America. Take a moment and contrast our many blessings with the plight of families living in rural Zambia that have no fresh drinking water and no organized sanitation programs.

In these Zambian villages a wife normally rises early to tend for her family and prepare for her daily 'Walk For Water.' In 2008 our Lake Oswego WaterAfrica team visited with a woman in a a village that trudged eight hours a day, getting water from a green water hole to share with her family. Two of her children were sick from that water.

In 2010 our team returned to that village. Now her feet danced because World Vision, with WaterAfrica's help, installed a deep freshwater well near her home. Now all her children are healthy and there is sufficient water for a vegetable garden.

Today, under-5 mortality is estimated to be 25 to 35 percent in rural Zambia. As a result of the common illnesses like diarrhea, women do not have time to take care of their families, earn money and girls cannot attend school.

Please join WaterAfrica and World Vision on our annual Lake Oswego Walk For Water.

Walk goal: Finance more than two new wells and implement associated sanitation programs.

When: Saturday, April 30, 2011.

Time:. 9 a.m. (8:30 check-in). You can register on line at www.waterafrica.org or in person at the walk. Bring a bucket.

Where: Foothills Park, Lake Oswego.

Family friendly: We expect people from stroller age to those in their 80s. The route is short and easy. Please bring your water bucket.

You are invited to stay after to enjoy refreshments, music and visiting with a Zambian representative from World Vision's headquarters.

Join our H2O walking team. Your support will make a difference.

Doug Oliphant

Lake Oswego