letters - April 28, 2011, batch 2


Editor's note: Because of space considerations, a number of opinion pieces received by the Lake Oswego Review this week are not in the newspaper. We will strive to get the held items in next week's newspaper.

Education or streetcar?

To the Editor:

My husband and I have only been residents of Lake Oswego for a year now. We are retired and absolutely love the small town friendliness of this beautiful area and would not want to live anywhere else.

We lived in Happy Valley for several years and it was similar in that it was a small, quiet community that was attractive to its residents until it expanded beyond the Clackamas Town Center along with its light rail. There is far more crime and the congestion on S.E. 82nd Avenue is horrendous. Rail can only be an asset if the people that are driving to work now stop and take the rail/streetcar. Why do we feel the need to control and take care of things that aren't even viable at this time? Maybe if we used monies to keep education at its best then perhaps the new highly educated will come back and find a solution to the traffic on Highway 43.

We have a $5 million school budget shortfall and want to spend how many million on this streetcar? (We) just don't get it. This is a great town, keep it that way. I would also like to add that the beauty of downtown Lake Oswego will only stay beautiful if we spend our dollars at our local merchants.

What's a few extra dollars for a pair of jeans if the money goes back into your community?

Cheryl White Stapleton

Lake Oswego

DeVergilio deserves support

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Tamara DeVergilio for Lake Oswego School Board Position 5. She will act in the best interest of our children. She is energetic, smart, and committed to the needs of the community. She is someone who asks tough questions, does her research thoroughly, listens carefully to others and looks at all sides of an issue. She has the courage to stand up for our children and our community.

I like that Tamara believes in greater transparency. She has already demonstrated her commitment to it by the way she is willing to state where she stands on any issue and takes the time to explain the basis for her views.

As a parent of young children, Tamara will bring balance to the composition of the school board. She has direct experience with the concerns and needs of our elementary schools.

All in all, Tamara will bring a fresh perspective to the school board. Voting for Tamara is a vote in favor of our children and the future of our school district.

Jon Onishi

Lake Oswego

Monroe 'is best choice'

To the Editor:

I am voting for Audrey Monroe in the upcoming Lake Oswego School Board election for a number of reasons.

I have known Audrey for over 20 years and have witnessed firsthand how she approaches decisions with the perfect balance of listening skills, research, and leadership. I know Audrey to be very thorough and careful in her work. I trust that she will make well-informed decisions.

Audrey is the parent of both an elementary and junior high student. She would provide an important balance to the board which is currently comprised only of members with children in high school or older.

Audrey already has an enormous level of experience in dealing with the tough issues our district faces today. She has served as chair of Coordinating Council, member of the SAC and consolidation committees, given her time as a Foundation volunteer and was on the district committee for passing the local option levy. Wouldn't you want someone with that experience being able to hit the ground running?

I encourage you to join me in voting for Audrey Monroe. She is the absolute best choice for Lake Oswego School Board position No. 5.

Julie Holum

Lake Oswego

Barman 'is a doer'

To the Editor:

In Lake Oswego we have impossibly high expectations of not only our schools, but also our school board members, so we need the best of the best representing our interests.

For a candidate as accomplished as Bob Barman to step forward in this election is the voter's equivalent of winning the lottery.

There are talkers and there are doers; Bob is a doer. I urge you all to support and vote for Bob Barman for school board.

Paul M. Kachel

Lake Oswego

Nurse practitioners are key

To the Editor:

It's great that Lake Oswego will now have an urgent care facility - the Doctors Express recently written up in the Lake Oswego Review. But I am dismayed by medical director Dr. Kelly Leaf's assertion that their high quality of care results from the presence of a licensed physician, not 'just a PA or an NP.'

I doubt the patients under my nurse practitioner wife's care for years at OHSU believe that they've received less than a high quality of care. I also doubt the OHSU doctors who routinely leave their patients to my wife when they're off at conferences think they're leaving their patients in less than completely capable hands.

I'm offended at the suggestion that my wife's compassion, experience, intelligence, integrity, and continuous study somehow add up to less than quality care for her patients. Such a suggestion is completely unjustified. Dr. Leaf does not need to demean the quality of care provided by other practitioners just to sell his business.

Actually, Dr. Leaf would do well to hire a few NPs to provide care at Doctors Express. As more people acquire health insurance under our new laws, it will become increasingly necessary to contain costs while still providing quality care. How to do that? Why, use NPs, who provide excellent care in their areas at less cost than doctors. Increased use of NPs promises to provide quality care at less total cost while freeing up doctors to focus on unusual cases and their areas of specialization.

Come on, Dr. Leaf. An NP is not a lower quality substitute for a doctor. NPs are an integral part of an overall high quality health care system. What we really need is more care delivered by NPs, not less.

Jack Bennett

Lake Oswego

Put DiVergilio onto board

To the Editor:

I am voting for Tamara DiVergilio for Lake Oswego School Board on May 17.

I trust her to make the right decisions for our school district. Her own children will be in our district for the next 14 years. As Stand for Children stated, 'Tamara DiVergilio will bring a strong background as a financial analyst and a willingness to shake up the status quo to our board. Her goals include soliciting more public input through community meetings and/or online forums, and increasing transparency around board decisions.'

Tamara wants to address financial challenges with structured problem solving, innovation and community debate and to preserve neighborhood schools and programs. Tamara supports the one school closure plan currently being reviewed by the consolidation committee because it preserves programs, jobs and class sizes in our district while achieving over $1 million in annual savings without moving to a 6-8 middle school model. This smart, balanced approach is what our school district needs right now.

I agree with Stand for Children's assessment of Tamara, 'We feel that Tamara's financial background and plan to include all stakeholders in the process of maintaining the high-quality schools our district expects make her a qualified candidate for the school board.'

Nicole and Andrew Seawright

Lake Oswego

Monroe has passion

To the Editor:

I have been closely and carefully observing Audrey Monroe over the past few weeks as she has been meeting people in the Lake Oswego community. What I have seen is someone with great intelligence who carefully listens to the questions and thoughts of others, ponders them and comes up with an educated response.

If there's one thing I can say about Audrey, it's that she has passion for the Lake Oswego School District. That passion is clearly demonstrated when she discusses the challenges our district is facing now as well as the ones ahead.

Audrey has a wonderful base of supporters from all around our community. People support Audrey because they know she has the skills and attributes needed on our school board as we face difficult decisions.

Which candidate will be best prepared to begin on day one? Who will be the one to understand the key issues and make informed decisions?

The answer is Audrey Monroe.

If you have not had the chance to meet her or hear her speak, contact her directly with your questions. Find out for yourself.

Rhonda Cohen

Lake Oswego

Barman does outstanding job

To the Editor:

I'm pleased to give my endorsement to Bob Barman for Lake Oswego School Board.

Education has always been important to our family. My wife is an elementary teacher and my parents were involved in education as an elementary school principal and a teacher. We believe in a strong, well-managed education system.

Since late 2001, as the owner of the Chevron station in Mountain Park, I've participated in many fundraisers and donations for the area schools. We've always helped our community where we can.

I've known Bob Barman since 1998 through our industry. Bob has been a leader and is well respected. Bob runs a healthy business that is based on making tough decisions to achieve the best outcomes. Bob brings passion, diligence, and creativity to solving problems and taking advantage of opportunities.

I know Bob can draw upon his experience to bring creative and common sense solutions to tough problems. He can be counted on to work tirelessly and passionately for the benefit of students.

I don't normally give endorsements, however in this case I think Bob will do an outstanding job as a school board member for the Lake Oswego School District.

I encourage your vote for Bob.

Chris Davies


Meet the candidates tonight

To the Editor:

The political action committee, 'Keep Lake Oswego Great,' recently completed interviews with our four school board candidates.

It was a good opportunity to interact with these fine people who are willing to give of their time and talent on behalf of the Lake Oswego Schools. It was reassuring to know that our candidates are focused on keeping our schools strong in this time of financial challenge.

Recognizing the different strengths and perspective that each candidate would bring to the school board is helpful in making the decision on which candidate to support. All of us in attendance appreciated the openness and enthusiasm of the candidates -especially at 8 a.m.

The school board candidates will be at Waluga Junior High School tonight (Thursday, April 28) , at 7 p.m. For those who have not been able to attend previous forums, I would urge you to attend this one.You will have a better appreciation of the quality of our candidates and will be better prepared to mark your ballot.

George Benson

Lake Oswego