Booster Bashes return to assist high school basketball

Get Sundaes on Friday, Jan. 4

Sandy sports fans can get a sweet treat when they enjoy the sweet shots of local high school hoops. The Pioneer Booster Club will bring back its popular 'Booster Bashes' and offer desserts at boys and girls varsity and junior varsity home basketball games, starting with sundaes at the Friday, Jan. 4, games at 5:30 and 7:15 p.m.

'We still want to keep community events going and get attendance up for the basketball games,' said organizer Melissa Niece. '(And) keep the community involved with the school.'

The bashes started in the fall when the club served food before home football games, and fans responded with great enthusiasm. Organizers created a full menu for each bash, including dishes such as burritos, burgers and a baked potato bar.

'They were absolutely wonderful,' Niece said. 'We heard rave reviews on each one of them. Everyone was excited to see what was for dinner.'

For the basketball games, the group chose to make simpler and sweeter items, including elephant ears, home fries and sweet potato fries for future games. The sundaes this week will include a full complement of toppings, such as bananas, marshmallows, chocolate sauce, butterscotch, nuts, caramel and cherries.

'(We're) just doing some quick finger items that are not a huge production, but kind of a fun thing you don't get every day,' said Niece, who also noted that the club has an espresso stand with coffee, mochas, lattes, hot chocolate and more.

School officials hope that the bashes can help increase community support of the basketball teams, especially considering that numbers are lower this season.

'Attendance is down from last year at girls and boys games,' said Courtney Murphy, Sandy High School athletic director. 'They're just trying to help us fill it out and get more students and more community members involved.'

Proceeds from the bashes benefit the Pioneer Booster Club and other organizations that help out, such as Kiwanis and the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce ambassadors.

The Pioneer Booster Club meets every third Monday at 6:30 p.m. at the Sandy High School library. For more information, visit