Let's have peace, joy, Oden in '08


Here are our hopes, ideas and challenges for a better Portland area in 2008. If you have some of your own, please feel free to respond to this editorial at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. But let's all remember that good ideas are not enough - we all need to commit to get these and other priorities done.

• Here's hoping that West Linn Mayor Norm King opts to run again, maintaining the continuity and momentum the city has created in the last year.

• For the region: a clear transportation plan that includes expanded highway lanes, maintenance for existing roads and transit.

The plan must be achievable and able to support the regional economy and livability and improve the environment and public safety. While this is a tough test, it's past time that we have some clue where we're going and how we are going to get there.

• And while we're talking transportation, how about saving the Sellwood Bridge before it tumbles into the Willamette? If we could land a new bridge for Sauvie Island, surely we can do the same for Sellwood. When does Sauvie Island really have traffic issues, anyway, other than at Halloween?

• Oregon citizens need a clear signal from the Oregon State Board of Nursing that patient safety - not protecting incompetent nurses - is job. No. 1.

• Same for the state parole board: Let's start keeping dangerous rapists and other criminals behind bars for their full prison terms.

• Greg Oden seems like a nice kid. Let's hope he can bounce back from microfracture knee surgery and play for the Trail Blazers next season - Portland really is a better city when the Blazers are winning.

• We're rooting for TriMet General Manager Fred Hansen to get the thugs off his trains and even to collect fares on occasion.

• The 2008 Oregon Legislature, meeting for the first time in annual session, must make good on its promise of a short, productive session when it meets in February.

• At some point, someone needs to film a good movie in Oregon.

• We need better relations between bicyclists and motorists on Portland-area streets.

• For Oregon weather forecasters: Call at least one snowstorm correctly this year.

• For Oregon voters: at least one visit from the presidential nominees, and not so many initiatives to wade through in November.

• For local real estate agents: more buyers.

• We're wishing for deep snow on the mountain, but safer drivers on U.S. Highway 26.

• For Oregon residents serving in Iraq and Afghanistan: a speedy and safe return home.

Happy New Year.