Six charged in marijuana ring

Six people were indicted in Columbia County Circuit Court on marijuana manufacture and distribution charges on Monday, Dec. 31, drawing to a close a two-month police investigation.

The charges resulted from an investigation that started in October following the arrest of Carl and Pam Parker of St. Helens. Police investigators at the time said the Parker arrest interrupted the flow of marijuana to youth in St. Helens High School.

'We served a search warrant of their residence, we corroborated that information with other sources, and from that we took it to the next level,' said Sgt. Phillip Edwards, unit supervisor for the Columbia Enforcement Narcotics Team, or CENT.

From the Parker arrest, CENT gathered information that led to the Nov. 26 arrest of Jon Clair Fish, 37, of Sand Point, Idaho, and Christopher Charles Youlden, 41, of Cloverdale, Calif.

The two men were arrested at the Village Inn, located on Highway 30 in St. Helens.

Edwards said anonymous sources bridged the gap between the raid on the Parkers and the Village Inn.

'There was a common denominator between all of these [arrests] that we're not going to talk about,' he said.

On Dec. 3, Jessica Christeen Jones, 30, and Shane Alan Barbee, 35, were arrested following execution of a search warrant at a Bachelor Flat Rd. residence in St. Helens. More than one pound of marijuana and 14 growing plants were seized during the search.

According to a prepared release, Jones and Barbee are responsible for the distribution of up to a pound of marijuana per week for the past five years.

Two days later, CENT arrested Jacob Daniel Mohr, 31, at his home on Dubois Lane in St. Helens. Mohr, who was arrested for possession of more than a pound of marijuana, is the former owner of Draykos Skateboard Shop that was located on Cowlitz Street in St. Helens, according to a press release.

Edwards said undercover police operatives were used to infiltrate the three separate marijuana organizations from the ground level through to the top local level.

'It's all part of the same group,' Edwards said.

All of the people charged, with the exception of Youlden, are also facing child neglect charges for knowingly allowing a child or children to stay in or upon premises where controlled substances were criminally delivered or manufactured.

'We've got the top of the local guys,' Edwards said. 'We feel we've accomplished our goal. We're never going to wipe it clean. At our level, that's never going to happen.'

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