by: Bob Schoenberg, A new 95-gallon cart for co-mingled recylable material.

KING CITY - By now most residents of King City and the unincorporated Washington County areas nearby have received a large blue cart with a blue lid to go along with the other cart provided by Pride Disposal Company.

The new cart is for Co-Mingle Recycling. Rather than sorting through the recycled materials and separating them out for the red bins, it all goes in the same container and is picked up starting this month on Mondays, have the city one week and half on the next week.

Pride Disposal provided a chart to residents divided into pink weeks and green weeks.

However, don't give up on the red bins, as glass items still need to be separated out from the other recyclable material. What can go in the new bin is scrap paper, envelopes, office paper, letters need to be opened and separated from contents before putting them in the cart.

Shredded paper, but it must be bagged. Newspapers, magazines, phone books can all go in. Flattened cardboard, and plastic bottles, if the neck is smaller than the body (discard the lid), aluminum and tin cans.

What can't go in is Styrofoam, packing peanuts, plastic bags, lids, bubblewrap or glass.

Pride is also giving people in along the King City routes a choice between a smaller 45 gallon or a larger cart. Some in King City might not have enough recycling to use a large cart.

'The 90 gallon is the preference in other areas we serve,' said Pride Disposal president, Mike Leichner. 'But in King City we are happy to provide both.'

Pickup is on Mondays and Pride asks that carts be ready by 6 a.m.

Any questions, or if a resident wants to trade for the larger or smaller cart, call Kristin Leichner at 503-625-6177.

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