The Portland Water Bureau will conduct a test of the city's water system in a section of Southwest Portland for two weeks.

The test is scheduled for Jan. 9 - 24 for the vicinity of Wilson High School, Southwest Beaverton Hillsdale Highway, Southwest Capitol Highway, Southwest 18th Avenue, and Southwest Vermont Street.

Residents are advised to watch for cloudy-looking water from their tap, which may occur temporarily at any time during the test.

A spokesperson from the water bureau said residents should let the water run until the cloudy water clears.

Water bureau maintenance crews will be shutting down the Fulton Pump Station, which will cause some water flows to reverse as different pump systems take over.

'Sometimes that can stir up sediment in the pipe,' Interim Public Information Officer Jennie Day said.

Also as part of the test, Jan. 16 and 17, the Water Bureau will operate a pumper truck during the eight-hour work day at its Cooper Pump Station near Southwest Bertha Boulevard and Southwest Capitol Highway. There will be noticeable noise in the immediate area from the pumper truck.

Day said that crews are shutting down the aging Fulton Pump Station in order to study how the system will function without the station during construction on a future replacement. The station will likely need to be replaced in the next two years, Day said.

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