Letters to the editor for Jan. 9


Mayor should stop spending city's money

It came to me yesterday while I was writing another chapter in my book. That is, what is the difference between fiction and nonfiction?

Fiction: The dream of building a new Civic Center for downtown Gresham (A Better Beech Street? in the Saturday, Jan. 5, edition of The Outlook). People walking at least four blocks, 'because there is no parking' hand in hand enjoying the scenery of the beautiful buildings that only the rich can afford. And the beautiful upkeep of affordable housing that the city made the other property owners help pay for, but alas, the people don't care because they are mesmerized by the beautiful loud music they get to listen to every other night. They are so happy they have a mayor who likes to spend money, and at least once a week they get to read about him in the Oregonian and The Outlook. They know that he alone is the one who has all these ideas and that the councilors and city workers should just pack their bags and go home, so he can have their money to spend on whatever comes to his amazing mind.

Non-fiction: What good is the Civic Center when there is absolutely no parking?

Shouldn't we put that place on a piece of property where more people can enjoy it? How much longer must we pay for a dead horse?

Affordable housing just so the city can make a dollar on some other stupid adventure? Take off your pretty suit mayor and put on your jeans and boots and walk this town with your rose colored glasses off so you can see all the affordable housing we already have here in this town called Gresham. Then you can see the kind of people they attract, and the misery they cause.

No Mayor Shane Bemis, you really shouldn't take all the credit the Oregonian and The Outlook seem to bestow on you. You have volunteers, you have the councilors, and you have able body people who work hard on these problems everyday.

Last but not least, do you think the residents in this city who pay taxes are going to pass a levy for the much needed police officers we desperately need, while you continue to look for other stupid ways to spend our hard earned money? You just might want to put that in your pipe and smoke it.