Iowa results show conservatives' clout

Mike Huckabee's win in Iowa the other day proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the election of 2004 wasn't stolen by Bush. Although a few political commentators predicted Huckabee would best Mitt Romney, everybody was blown away by the margin of his victory. No poll had predicted that margin. So what happened?

As in 2004, so called evangelicals (or, as some liberals call them, Christianists) who are very difficult to reach in polls came out in force and voted for the their candidate. In 2004 it was Bush, in 2008 it is Huckabee.

The election also disproves another liberal mantra: money buys votes. Romney spent what amounted to the annual budget of a third world country and still lost. This shows that our founding fathers had it right and liberals (including John McCain) and our courts have it wrong: The First Amendment means speech and includes giving as much money as one wants to anybody for whatever reason. At the end, the ideas - good or bad-always prevail.

By the way, Huckabee is not my man because, among many things, he believes that humans cause global warming (or climate change, as liberals faced with new evidence call it now) and that we can do something about it. That's too much religion even for me.

Krystof Zmudzinski

Forest Grove