Love Oregon a brilliant contribution to Measure 49


I don't want to make a big deal about it. And yet, it is a big deal, because passing Measure 49 was a big deal. Because the amount of effort and imagination it took to win that campaign is easy to underestimate.

And because as flattering and comprehensive as last week's article was ('TV Son Pitches Video Anthem'), it inadvertently muddled one very important truth.

So I would like set the record straight: I am not responsible for the 'Love Oregon' sign campaign. This was the exclusive brainchild of Dave Adams - a neighbor, a good friend, a comrade but, on the occasion of the 'Love Oregon' sign campaign, I was not a collaborator.

To be clear, the initial misunderstanding was not any fault of Ms. Anderson (the reporter who wrote the story) because I have said, the article was wonderfully written and the experience of being interviewed by her very enjoyable.

We talked about many things that day and it is entirely possible that I wasn't clear. That is not my point.

What is essential to make clear, however, is that while looking like a guy who would steal the thunder of his dear friend was an embarrassment to me. This honest mistake was unfair to Dave Adams who had persevered in the campaign over several long, often discouraging, lonely months, in spite of my refusal to become substantively involved.

The confusion came, as those who have lived in West Linn a long time know, when Dave and I did execute a similar campaign during a couple of municipal election cycles.

However, those efforts were not, by any means, the brilliant and massive undertaking, which Adams selflessly executed for the statewide 'Love Oregon' sign campaign.

For this, all of the credit belongs to him.

His success was thrilling for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was that it proved to many people what I have known for years: Dave Adams is the most creative and talented sign guy in the state of Oregon - maybe the country.

For all of our sakes, let's hope he decides to stay with it.

So kudos to you Dave on the success of the Measure 49 'Love Oregon' campaign. You have my deepest admiration. And if I haven't said it yet, thanks for a brilliant campaign that our state will not soon forget.

And lastly, let me be clear: I truly appreciate Ms. Anderson, the Portland Tribune, and the Tidings for taking the time to highlight my work so thoroughly and accurately.

Additionally, I appreciate this opportunity to make a small correction to honor and acknowledge the efforts of my good friend and neighbor.

Adam Klugman lives in West Linn and runs Progressive Media Agency in Portland.