Barely a week old, the year 2008 already is altering the face of Sherwood and Tigard with the announced resignation of Sherwood City Manager Ross Schultz and the final parting of the ways between the city of Tigard and the Tigard Water District.

Since 2001, Schultz and a progressive City Council brought a lot of change to the very vibrant Sherwood. Downtown redevelopment. A new combined civic center and library. A new police station. Great community parks. Significant public infrastructure to accommodate growth.

But of late, Schultz seemed more ready to retire and less careful about what others thought about what he said or did. That made for controversy.

The choice of the Sherwood City Council should be to replace him with a manager equally committed to leading Sherwood's continued growth and maturation but with a bit less attitude that suggests that 'my way is the correct way.'

As far as the Tigard Water District, which serves more than 6,200 unincorporated Bull Mountain customers, there was little hope that relations between the district's board and the city would improve.

Better to separate - and over time, let changing faces and perspectives later determine how to best serve water users who only care about affordable, safe and abundant water service.

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