Letter to the Editor for Jan. 10


Valley Times beating liberal-agenda drums

In light of you deserting a heretofore middle-of-the-road paper and joining the liberal Portland fish wrapper in your hell-bent support of the gay agenda, we can no longer be supportive.

The story on page one of your Jan. 3 paper about gay rights was in no way a news story - it was an outright biased editorial stuck on the front page. I'm referring to the story, with photo and all, about the gay couple, written by Shasta Moore (Valley Times, 'Still waiting/still fighting').

In times past you have been a community-oriented paper, supporting local events and showing who and what really matters in the local area. Apparently you are now branching out into beating the drums for the liberal agenda - but it will be without our subscription.

Therefore please immediately cancel our subscription!




Change column name to be more inclusive

In his recent Church Chat column, Lutheran Pastor Jeff Kallevig says we can disagree but should do so with respect and not anger ('Don't get angry over little disagreements,' Valley Times, Dec. 27).

Several weeks ago Tigard High School senior Ty Magnum wrote a Soapbox in which he criticized the idea of having this Church Chat column in a community newspaper.

I am an active and involved church member, but I admired Magnum's opinion piece and tend to agree with him on several points.

I was disappointed to see the lack of charity in some who responded to his Soapbox. They called him intolerant and poorly educated and didn't seem to model Pastor Kallevig's admonition to disagree with respect.

Anyway, let me offer a suggestion that may address this issue in the spirit that Pastor Kallevig recommends and also in a way that at least partly satisfies Ty Magnum's criticism: re-name the Church Chat column to make it more inclusive. As it stands, the name 'Church Chat' doesn't encompass faith communities that may not use the word 'church' in their religion ('church' is usually defined as a place for Christian worship).

We have in our neighborhoods Jewish synagogues, Baha'i fellowship halls, Muslim mosques and a Hindu temple. Let's invite their participation (personally, I'd vote for renaming it the 'Faith Forum' column).



(Editor's note: We welcome Mr. Aney's suggestion and have decided to re-name the Church Chat column 'Faith Forum.' Elena Boryczka, the person who oversees our Living Here section, has in the past contacted a number of community religious leaders from persuasions other than Christian about contributing to the Church Chat column. None of those she has contacted has shown an interest. Perhaps the name change will open the door for others to contribute. Any religious leader wishing to contribute to the Faith Forum column is encouraged to call Elena at 503-546-0740, or e-mail her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..)