Make plans to take part in our special 24 Hours


The 24-hour period we will be profiling in this year's Portrait is only eight days away, so we hope you, our readers, are making some plans for how you're going to contribute.

After doing 17 of these annual special editions in a magazine format since 1991, we've learned that the most successful ones are those that feature contributions from our readers. In this case, that means photos and information from you about things that happen in your lives during the 24 hours we've chosen to focus on.

This particular 24 hours is Friday, Jan. 18, and we plan to include pictures and supporting text from all aspects of our community. The more involvement we get from you, the better the project will be.

Whether you're a young child (or an older one), a parent, a single person, retired or working, you have a perspective that deserves to be represented. Of course, your contribution doesn't have to be about you (though it certainly can). You might choose to focus on your family, your co-workers, your school, your neighborhood, your place of work, the farm next door. Anything is legitimate.

And the subjects of your photos can range from people, animals, landscapes or just images that strike you as important. All we ask is that the pictures be taken on Friday, Jan. 18, between 12:01 a.m. and midnight that night.

All you have to do is take pictures that seem appropriate to you and then e-mail us your JPEG files. Be sure to include information identifying who is in the pictures, exactly when they were taken - the hour and minute, a.m. or p.m. - and anything else you want us to know about your pictures. Include the name and phone number of the photographer, please, either in a Word attachment or just in the main e-mail message.

The Portrait itself will come out in The Times (Tigard, Tualatin and Sherwood) and the Beaverton Valley Times of Thursday, Feb. 28.

If you still have questions about how this is supposed to work, please call me at 503-546-0737, or e-mail me at

- Mikel Kelly