Weekend!Music: Chamber pop has its pretty persuasion
by: COURTESY OF CORY GRAY, As Carcrashlander, Cory Gray sends out a swirling soundtrack for an alternate life.

There's an autumnal grace to Carcrashlander's self-titled debut album - an almost three-dimensional quality that feels less like listening to a soundtrack than being in the film itself.

The hushed vocals of singer-songwriter Cory Gray and spare piano provide the anchor for Carcrashlander's evocative chamber pop.

Horns and strings swirl in and out of the mist, sometimes woozily, sometimes to a spectral effect, but always in a way that's genuinely mesmerizing.

While most of the songs could easily provide the background music for a regret-filled stumble through the streets of New Orleans as the sun is just starting to peak on the horizon, tracks like 'Carbon Waltz' and 'Quoting Dead Comedians' pick up the pace and add a healthy dose of variety to a record that promises to be one of '08's best local offerings.

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