On Thursday morning, Jan. 6, 1938, many local residents awoke to find a new publication on their doorstep - the publication you're holding in your hands right now.

The Sandy Post is pleased and excited to celebrate 70 years serving Sandy, Boring and the Mountain Villages, and we're marking our seven decades by taking a look back at our history throughout January and early February.

On the front page of the first edition of our paper, the following statement served as an official introduction to The Post. We believe the concepts and 'platform' introduced are still as relevant today as they were 70 years ago:


The Sandy Post enters your home perhaps uninvited and a total stranger. As a matter of fact, the Sandy Post has just been born.

When a stranger enters the community, the residents are entitled to know something about the newcomer. With that thought in mind, the editor of this paper desires to offer for your approval some of the reasons why he is here.

First, we have had an opportunity to meet many of the folks of the community and we are frank to state that the newly formed acquaintances have been most gratifying. Residents of this community, as evidenced by their conversations, have a deep and profound desire to advance their territory. They are civic minded. They believe in the community and are staking their efforts and capital to develop their own home country and make it a better place in which to live.

In that connection, a newspaper properly edited can be of immense benefit. The editor of the Post enjoys the hobby of community development. Community development will be the major ambition of this paper.

Probably no where is there a territory so attractive to the tourist, the home seeker, and the business man as this. We are certain that no better field could be found for a paper to be of service. The outside world is entitled to know about the entire Mt. Hood district. It will be the constant effort of the Post to acquaint as many prospective tourists and home seekers of the glories of the 'Loop' as possible. With the idea of service in mind, we set forth the platform of the new paper:

1. To print all the news of the community, honestly and with utmost accuracy.

2. To print, in addition to the news, features and constructive matter that will interest the entire family and the community.

3. To give the wildest possible publicity to the advantages of the territory in which we serve to the outside world.

4. To work and fight, if necessary, for those advantages that the territory is entitled to.

Now that you have our platform we will be more than glad to have any one in the district make suggestions for the improvement of the paper, from time to time, and to cooperate with us in making the paper just what we have outlined, a good newspaper for this community, for only with the cooperation of the community can any paper be that which it should be.

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