70th birthday celebration

In lieu of our regular 'Browsing the Archives' section, we're celebrating our 70th birthday with an article from our first issue - Jan. 6, 1938. The following story appeared on the front page of that edition:

Foothill Highway Thru Here Sought By Local Citizens

State Highway Commission Listens to Arguments

The citizens of Sandy and other communities turned out enmasse Thursday, and met with the State Highway Department in the Public Service Building in Portland to advance the interests of the Foothill Highway construction through Sandy.

The meeting involved the hearing of arguments from interested parties and when the affair was concluded, the highway department had promised exactly nothing.

Reports of commission members disclosed the facts that in recent checks, more than 36,000 cars and 10,000 trucks cover this road annually.

Information further disclosed that only two and one half miles of road remain to be completed to connect the route with the Loop highway. This construction, as estimated by highway engineers, would cost $3,500.00 to complete.

The highway, if completed, would offer a direct route for traffic from Salem to the Loop highway through Sandy. It has been generally understood that the highway department has suspended work on the road pending action of parties in other poritions of the county who desire to have the construction re-routed to connect with the Loop highway at a point above Sandy.

No open arguments were offered at Thursday's meeting to advance this procedure, however, and it is reasonable to believe that if such action is beign taken, it is of the sub rosa type.

Residents of Sandy feel that their claims for final completion of the regional route are sound in view of the fact that the highway department now owns the present right-of-way and would have to buy new properties to make the change.

Also, they feel that Sandy is entitled to the benefits that would accrue from increased traffic over the new road. They also point out that travelers are entitled to be routed through the business district of Sandy and the advantages that naturally come to tourists who are in need of emergency attention to their traveling needs.

Principal arguments were made to the commission by Roy Meyer, of Eagle Creek; Ivan Barker and Mayor Charles Scharnke, of Sandy. Among others who attended the meeting were R.S. Smith, R.P. Collins, L.J. Gieske, Roy Wilcox, Gus S. Fenger, Ted Johnson, Will Dell, Kieth LeRoy, Mrs. Widmer, Victor Lundeen, M. Suchow, M. Zug, of Sandy; and Carl Rehberg of Eagle Creek; R. Suchow and Frieda Lang, of Boring.

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