December sting targeting alcohol sales to minors nets Little Brick Deli in King City

by: Bob Schoenberg, Little Brick Deli on Highway 99W was caught selling alcohol to a minor in a December sting operation organized by the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

KING CITY - The Washington County Sheriff's Office released a list of stores that either passed or failed an alcohol sting operation conducted in December.

The special mission targeted businesses selling alcohol to minors, and in King City a minor was able to purchase alcohol at the Little Brick Deli on Highway 99W.

But the deputies that managed the sting operation were pleased with the number of stores that did not sell to a minor.

'Among the impressive results are that out of 32 locations, only 5 businesses sold alcohol to minors. The most well known chains, Plaid Pantry and 7-11, had no sales whatsoever to minors during this sting operation,' said WCSO spokesman, Sgt. David Thompson. 'In addition, we have learned that many retailers are taking extra steps on their own to stop the sale of alcohol to minors.'

Technically, said Thompson, these stings are "minor decoy operations" and are under the authority of state law. They are conducted by having Sheriff's Office Explorers attempt to purchase alcohol from various stores in Washington County with the help from of members of the Search and Rescue Explorer Post 877, young men and womem who are ages 14 to 21. Each Explorer was given money and instructed to try to purchase alcoholic beverages. If they were asked for ID, they would show their actual Oregon Driver's License; if asked their age, they would give their true age.

If the sale was refused, the Explorer gave the clerk the business card of the deputy they were working with. If they were successful in making the purchase, they would bring the alcoholic beverages out to the deputy who was waiting in a nearby patrol car. The deputy would then go into the store with the Explorer and make an arrest or issue a citation in lieu of arrest.

In the case of a violation, citations are issued to the person who made the sale and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission is notified. The fines run from $350 for a first conviction to $1,000 plus 30 days in jail for third and subsequent convictions. The store could also lose its license to sell alcohol if the OLCC makes that decision.

'Also very impressive is that some stores and chains are supporting these missions,' said Thompson. 'Several retailers have implemented their own internal security stings to make sure that their employees do not sell alcohol to minors. Other retailers, such as Plaid Pantry, are now paying cash bonuses to the employees who do not sell to our Explorers during these missions.'

The following stores sold alcohol to minors during this operation:

D and M Little Brick Market, 16735 SW Pacific Highway, King City

Chevron, 17095 SW TV Highway, Aloha Costco Wholesale, 15901 SW Jenkins Road, Aloha Dennis Market, 425 NW Saltzman Road, Portland La Morenita, 5950 SW 185th Ave Suite D, Aloha

Stores that did not sell alcohol to minors during the operation: 7-Eleven, 19175 SW TV Highway, Aloha 7-Eleven, 12595 NE Cornell Road, Portland 7-Eleven, 3160 NW 185th Avenue, Portland 7-Eleven, 17771 SW TV Highway, Aloha 7-Eleven, 9145 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Highway, Portland

AM/PM Cornell, 15320 NW Cornell Road, Aloha Aziz, 76 5065 SW Scholls Ferry Road, Portland Bales Thriftway, 12675 NW Cornell Road, Portland H Mart, 10120 SW Hall Blvd, Tigard Mac's Market and Deli, 14740 NW Cornell Road, Portland Metzger Grocery,10055 SW Hall Blvd., Tigard New Seasons Market, 7300 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Highway, Portland Plaid Pantry, 14114 SW Butner Road, Portland Plaid Pantry, 9917 SW Canyon Road, Portland Plaid Pantry #176, 3875 SW 170th Ave, Aloha Plaid Pantry #206, 20375 Baseline Road, Aloha Plaid Pantry #49, 809 NW Murray Blvd, Portland Plaid Panty #205, 20925 SW TV Highway, Aloha Quality Foods Center #201, 4756 NW Bethany Boulevard, Portland Quality Foods Center #225, 7525 SW Barnes Road, Portland Rite Aid #5321, 20225 SW TV Highway, Aloha Rite Aid #5356, 11190 SW Barnes Road, Portland Safeway #1525, 13485 NW Cornell Road, Portland Safeway #1889, 20535 SW TV Highway, Aloha Safeway #4510, 6745 SW Beaverton Hills Highway, Portland Shell #309, 17455 SW TV Highway, Aloha Tienda Mexicana La Galaxia, 21375 SW TV Highway, Aloha