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You know this town has gone basketball crazy when the ordinarily sedate Oregon Cultural Heritage Association holds a symposium called Red Hot and Rollin'. Featuring author Matt Love, who recently published a book by that name about the Blazers' 1976-77 championship season, it'll be at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the First Unitarian Church, 1011 S.W. 12th Ave. … Just so everyone knows, though, the phrase itself is the brainchild of advertising genius Tiger Branch, whose firm Branch and Bauer once ruled the roost here in P-town. … Ah yes, back in the good old days when the mayor was sneaking around with a teenage girl, the city auditor was in charge of finding female companionship for visiting dignitaries, and the narcotics squad was putting dope back on the streets almost as fast as it could seize it. … Red Hot and Rollin', indeed.

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The clock is ticking on Bernie Giusto's showdown with the state's Public Safety Standards board. Due date for a ruling by the police policy committee is Feb. 12. … In the meantime, Lee Doss, close friend of the sheriff and ex-wife of former Citizens Crime Commission Chairman Jim Jeddeloh, whom Giusto, among others, sent off to alcohol rehab - has been asked to submit an affidavit for the board that she says will knock their socks off. … 'Since they're going after Bernie on the basis of rumors anyway,' she says, 'I'll give them something to think about - but I'm going to be giving them facts.' Can't wait to read it myself. … Good news on the Green family: Lynn Mangum, the counselor at Boise-Eliot Elementary, who sent out a plea for help shortly before Christmas, says the response to a column on their plight was 'overwhelming.' … Not only does the family - which lost a husband and father last month - have enough money to pay rent and utilities for at least three more months, Mangum says, but 'thanks to the many people who dropped by with toys or checks, the children had a wonderful Christmas.'… But they're not out of the woods yet, she says, and she'll let us know as soon as she's succeeded in setting up a trust account at a local bank.

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He'll get no sympathy from me, but ever since hot dog impresario Frank Nudo used this space to announce he's retiring, Nick's Famous Coney Island has been so crowded you can hardly find a place to slip in edgewise. … What's worse is that Nudo, who used to complain about how slow things were on occasion, is working his patootie off to keep up. With hardly two more months to go before he closes for good, he's even had to hire extra help to handle the lunch crowd. … When joke-writer-on-strike Bill McDonald was there last week with Mark Mason and Dave Anderson of KEX's (1190 AM) 'Mark and Dave Show,' the three of them had to wait outside for almost 15 minutes before they were able to get a booth. … When Nudo came over to get their order, first thing he wanted to know, at somewhere near the top of his voice, was: 'Where were you the last five years when I was losing money?' … While they were waiting for their Coneys to arrive, they noticed two men at the counter, who'd already finished and were leaning back, chatting about golf. Nudo must have noticed, too. … 'You talking about golf? Get the hell out of here!' … We're going to miss that place when it's gone.

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