Math and science fun displayed at Holy Family fair

by: David F. Ashton Maren Kain demonstrates her “Just Write Shoe” invention, saying, “People don't have the money or closet space to have all different kinds of shoes. This way people can change their shoes to match their outfits. You can make ‘Duck’ or ‘Beaver’, because we Oregonians can't seem to decide.”

At the first event of its kind there, Eastmoreland's Holy Family Catholic School opened its doors for an evening event on March 30 - Math-Science Family Night.

'We have two goals for the evening,' said Kim Spatz, the second grade teacher who helped organize it. 'One is to have fun with math and science; the second is to build community.'

Spatz explained that children need to understand that math and science are interesting. 'They're fun, and they're not just out of a textbook. It's important that they learn to think, and start solving problems for themselves, instead of simply looking at boring formulas, as one would do in a classroom setting.'

The school's hallways swirled with activity that night - and it looked as if their 'different kind of take on math and science' was paying off, as happy kids and adults viewed the many exhibits built and manned by 50 students and volunteer parents.

From a community-building standpoint, Spatz pointed to the adult involvement in the fair.

'Almost all the science tables here tonight were organized by parents,' smiled Spatz. 'I gave them an activity; they got the materials, wrote the instructions, and did all the decorating - so they had a huge part in this success.'

More than 200 kids and adults attended - having fun, and learning about math and science.