by: Eric Norberg By 10 am on April first, the initial line of several hundred audition hopefuls on the sidewalk outside the Aladdin Theater had dwindled to a couple dozen.

It was no April Fool's stunt that led hundreds of people to come to Brooklyn's Aladdin Theater as early as 4 am on the first of April.

They were there to audition for a judge as singers - in hopes of being able to move on to an audition in Seattle later in the month for Simon Cowell's new talent show, 'The X Factor', set to debut on Fox television (locally, on KPTV Fox-12) in the fall. Cowell previously was identified with the shows 'American Idol' and 'Britain's Got Talent'.

A spokesperson at KPTV said, 'Cowell's show isn't just about singing ability; he's looking for someone with that 'special something'.' Apparently a few of those auditioning at the Aladdin seemed to judge Kevin Hahn to have it, and moved on to the Seattle audition.

There was one winner that morning in each of four categories: Female singers, age 12-25; male singers, age 12-25; older singers, age 26 and above; and vocal groups (with at least two members).

Hahn was quoted by KPTV afterward as saying that at least two of the Portland contenders 'really stood out'. He did not say who they were.

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