Dont let the scammers get you

The Estacada Community Foundation is sponsoring a free

Donating time and money is something many people are eager to do-and scam artists know it, says Estacada Community Foundation (ECF) chair Lisa Brookshier. Often it is senior citizens who are targeted.

That's why the ECF is sponsoring a free informational presentation called 'Avoiding Charity Scams' on Wednesday, Jan. 23, at 12:30 p.m. at the Estacada Community Center.

Giving charitably is something community members should actively seek out through their home church and local organizations, Brookshier said. 'If they're seeking you out, that's a big red flag.'

Brookshier will make the presentation, which will last approximately a half hour. She will focus of four main topics: how to judge the effectiveness of charities, how to avoid scams and rip-offs, how to stop receiving charitable appeals, and recourses for wise giving.

She will also offer information about what questions someone should get answered before making a charitable donation, tax information, and tips for avoiding scams.

The EFC was formed in 1998 with the leadership and guidance of Estacada area community leaders, school district administrators and city officials. Since then, grants have been awarded to Estacada Together Oregon Symphony string quartet concert, PRIDE committee's Estacada highway sign project, Rivermill Elementary outdoor school program, Parent Univer-sity, Estacada Growers Market, Estacada Library, Artback, and numerous other community outreach programs.

Brookshier said when Estacada area citizens are targeted by charitable giving scams there are local ramifications. 'It hurts the foundation when somebody sends $100 out of the community,' she said. 'People are going to donate, that's great, but we want them to donate to local organizations.'

For more information about the Estacada Com-munity Foundation and the free informational presentation, log onto www.ecf1. org, or call 503-630-4483.