More homes built in 2007 than '03, '04, '05 and '06 combined

In the six years prior to 2007, 63 stick-built homes were constructed in Estacada. Last year alone, 45 permits were issued.

City officials knew it was going to be a big year when, in January of 2007, they had already issued 11 permits, two more than were issued in all of 2006.

City employee Diedre Landon told Estacada News last February that it is difficult to predict the number of permits that would be issued in 2007. She also said, 'I don't think there's a building season anymore.'

By the time the first home was being occupied in late May, the City of Estacada had already issued 28 permits for the single family dwellings.

Permits were issued to build nearly $8.8 million worth of homes. That brings the total since 2000 (there weren't any stick-built home permits issued in 2000) to almost $21.3 million.

The average home valuation in 2007 was $195,000, much lower than the nine homes valued at $257,000 in 2006 and 13 homes valued at $245,000 in 2005, but more than the homes built in the prior years.

It's important to note that one permit was also issued in 2007 for a manufactured home. There's been an average of 3.5 manufactured home permits issued per year since 2000.

In 2005, 10 permits were issued to build a 10-unit multi-family complex-this was Steve Mueller's town homes, located behind his Westland Realty office on Northwest Wade Street. For construction of the Whispering Pines retirement apartments, 63 multi-family permits were issued in 2002. That project was valued at approximately $3.6 million.

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