City council acted boldly on public dock for Foothills

To the Editor:

We are truly pleased with our Lake Oswego City Council voting to proceed with the public dock in Foothills Park.

As with other communities that utilize their waterfront, our local businesses stand to benefit from it. Further, this will provide boating opportunities for Lake Oswegans and other river users. Perhaps most importantly, it will provide access to the Willamette. Long was this a private industrial site, an eyesore, a barrier to this unique resource.

Equally impressive is the creative manner in which it will be financed. Using 'in-kind' work already completed in Foothills, its financing is combined with a highly competitive, nationally sought-after federal BIG grant (Boating Infrastructure Grant). As this is considered a park, the remaining funding will come from Parks System Development Charges (SDCs). These funds are dedicated only to capital park improvements. The dock qualifies as such.

We thank the council for its bold action and its vision.

(Note: We own a boat which we have kept in the Puget Sound area since 1991.)

Gay Graham

Ron Hanson

Lake Oswego

U.S. shouldn't consider going to war with Iran

To the Editor:

I am a high school student and I have been closely following the situation with Iran.

I am outraged by the fact that President Bush says 'a military option is still on the table.'

Did we not learn our mistake in Iraq; have our soldiers not suffered enough? I think that anyone can recognize that going to war would be the ultimate mistake. Iran is no Iraq. They have an organized million-man army and some of the most die-hard nationalistic people you will ever meet.

Not to mention they have a very fundamentalist president that is against everything America stands for.

I am Iranian-American so I know what both countries are capable of. And although we have the strongest army in the world, our country would be devastated if we entered a war with Iran. Not to mention it would bring on a holy war that would spark the ignition of World War III.

Bijan Behboodi

Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego needs to build an 'amazing' skatepark

To the Editor:

I am writing to the many people in Lake Oswego who have kids.

Kids that skateboard and that will someday have an unnecessary encounter with the LOPD. Skateboarding is practically illegal in every square inch of public property in Lake Oswego, except the skatepark, which requires a fee to use.

People who refuse to pay a fee to skateboard run the risk of dealing with the LOPD everywhere else they skateboard. The city needs to stop wasting money on maintaining useless landscaping and start putting it towards building a permanent, cement skate park, free to the public. It would reduce the so-called vandalism around the city that skateboarders create and would provide a place for kids to go and skateboard without being hassled.

Money should not be an issue, if cities like Tualatin and Hood River can build amazing skate parks, Lake Oswego should be able to also.

Carson Wiser

Lake Oswego

Let it be noted: Neither out of state nor fundamentalist

To the Editor:

Greg Macpherson's Citizen's View of last week indicates he believes a judge's recent ruling is 'disturbing.' I expect it is to him, given that the ruling amounted to a chance at fairness for a conservative position he opposes. I expect he might be concerned that the ruling will expose the rampant liberal bias in Salem (in case there is anybody out there not aware of it).

In the piece, Macpherson references the entity that filed the suit in the challenge to legalizing 'domestic partnerships' as 'an out-of-state fundamentalist religious organization.' He ignores that the Legislature passed the law in the first place in direct conflict with the wishes of the vast majority of Oregonians. Mine was one of the signatures on the petitions in question - and I am neither out of state nor a 'fundamentalist.'

Should you have any doubts about Macpherson's extreme liberal views, note that he promoted the infamous Senate Bill 2 passed last session. This bill states: ''Sexual orientation' means an individual's actual or perceived heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality or gender identity, regardless of whether the individual's gender identity, appearance, expression or behavior differs from that traditionally associated with the individual's sex at birth.' This bill would allow some guy to sue the school district for denying him a job as your daughter's gym teacher as long as he claims his 'perceived' gender identity is female. Should you think this an exaggeration, ask Macpherson where I am wrong here.

Dave Luck

Lake Oswego

Rep. Macpherson's stand on judge's ruling is criticized

To the Editor:

In response to the Citizen's View (in the Jan. 10 edition of the Lake Oswego Review) by State Rep. Greg Macpherson, (who) was upset about the ruling by a federal judge in regards to the new domestic partnership law (requiring all signatures to be checked). He does not like to have a verification of all signatures on any given petition that he is opposed to even though signatures are required to be verified on election ballots and a recount of ballots are taken if there is questionable election outcome.

In the same edition of the Review, a theft of a computer carrying case was reported, to whom the security was the sole responsibility of Rep. Greg Macpherson. Because of the negligence of Rep. Macpherson and staff, a seven-year court case is in jeopardy. His actions should be reviewed by the state (Bar) and a public disclosure be made to the public.

I do not have any trust this man, whom would deny the public the right to vote on any given measure, handle important legal papers in a negligent manner, and want to be the top lawyer for the state of Oregon. I believe that he should resign from the state House and withdraw his candidacy for Oregon Attorney General and the Lake Oswego Review should withdraw its support for his candidacy for AG office.

Charles W Thompson

Lake Oswego

Editor's note: The Lake Oswego Review has reported on the candidacies for state Attorney General of both Greg Macpherson and John Kroger. The Review has not issued an endorsement at this time on any candidate.

Voters should not feel disenfranchised

To the Editor:

I would like to respond to 'The Mac Report' written by Rep. Greg Macpherson and forwarded to me by a friend. He titled his report, 'States' Rights, Just Another Inconvenient Truth for the Right-Wing.'

Here is an open letter to Rep. Greg Macpherson:

I read in complete disbelief your report on 'states' rights.' You obviously don't represent all the people in your district and have no respect for anyone who disagrees with you.

You talk about 'states' rights -what about voter's rights - all voters? I have no doubt that you and all gays and lesbians want your votes to count, and that goes for signatures on a petition! Who signs petitions? Only registered voters, and they do so to have their voice heard.

You have the nerve to proudly proclaim your part in passing the domestic partnership law even though the majority of Oregonians voted to make marriage between one man and one woman in the state of Oregon. You proved that you don't give a wit what the majority want, which also proves to me that you have no business serving the people.

I witnessed with my own eyes and ears, a county clerk denying the signature of a voter when he stood right in front of her and claimed it was his signature - he had indeed signed the petition. Rights, you talk about rights!? You just want 'certain' rights, that fit your agenda. Our agenda is to see to it that voters are not disenfranchised.

You talk about 'Constitutionally-mandated rights.' Don't you think those who register to vote have a Constitutional right to have their voice heard? I have to wonder what you would do if a clerk told you she would not reinstate your signature even after you proved it was your's. Think about it Representative Macpherson.

It's up to people like me, a 'religious zealot,' to protect our God-given liberties and morals. People like you want guaranteed 'privileges.'

Beverly Ann Sharpf


Firwood hasn't been taken care of for years

To the Editor:

I wish to set the record straight with regard to Firwood Road being in disarray with potholes and in dire need of repair.

Many years ago, in order for Olson Memorial Clinic to have an exit from its parking lot onto Firwood Drive, the owners were required by the Lake Oswego Planning Department to pave the road from Boones Ferry Road to Waluga.

Firwood Drive has never been taken care of properly by the county or the city in the 36 years that I have lived in this community. I think it is a disgrace to the city and the county to have this road be in such disrepair.

The priorities of the city, I believe, are askew in that repair of this road does not seem to be important to the city or county.

Donald Palmer

Lake Oswego

Thought dock idea was put to rest in 2006

To the Editor:

I was dismayed to read Sam Bennett's article in the Jan. 10 Review that the Lake Oswego City Council, at a 7:30 a.m. special meeting, approved a design for the Foothills dock that was previously opposed by our Milwaukie neighbors across the narrow channel of the Willamette River. Extending the dock to a point where 40-foot pleasure craft will have 20 feet of water under the hull will certainly be harmful to the life and property of those Milwaukie residents. With the possibility of a required 200-foot No-Wake zone for the Foothills dock, boats would necessarily travel on the Milwaukie side of the channel, creating harmful wakes, noise, etc.

I thought we had put the dock location to bed in 2006 to everyone's satisfaction. You can understand a young, newly elected councilperson wanting to abstain on the issue. The proposed federally granted dock issue has been going on for so many years that only a senior would know the full history of the project.

It must have been difficult for the mayor to vote for the present extended dock. She was quoted in the Sept. 8, 2005 Lake Oswego Review as saying that, after conversing with the neighbors, the only proposal that will not work for the dock was the original one. 'It's too big, it's always been too big, and it sticks out in the river too far', she said. It is sad to see that the possibility of losing federal grant funding can change a politician's mind. To vote for the public interest seems to be an old-fashioned idea these days.

John W. Pullen

Lake Oswego

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