An Aloha teacher reaches out to other educators to teach about globalization


Aloha High School economics teacher Kelly Bordwell hopes an upcoming workshop on globalization will better arm teachers when introducing the topic in the classroom and make the issue more student friendly in the process.

The workshop, 'Focus: Globalization,' is open to middle and high school teachers in a daylong event that will discuss lessons for teaching students about globalization, a general term that refers to unifying the world into a single society economically, technologically and in other ways.

'We're really excited about it,' Bordwell said of the Feb. 14 workshop that will be held at the Northwest Regional Education Service District in Hillsboro.

Although students at Aloha get some globalization information through a global issues class or through a unit in her senior level economics class, not all teachers at other schools have an adequate background on the topic, Bordwell said. She hopes the workshop will change that.

At Aloha, students must take a trimester of economics. In addition, Bordwell said close to 80 students study AP microeconomics and another 40 go on to study AP macroeconomics.

Last summer, Bordwell joined Thomas Lefor, a Westview social studies teacher, and Ted Scheinman, a coordinator for the Center for Economic Education at Mount Hood Community College, in a three-day globalization seminar in Washington, D.C.

'Our agreement was we'd come back and try to train 30 teachers,' she said.

So far, 20 teachers from schools in Beaverton, Hillsboro, Portland, Canby, Lake Oswego and in Washington have signed up. Those 20 received scholarships to cover the costs of substitute teachers for that day, compliments of the National Council on Economic Education and the Oregon Council on Economic Education.

While there are no scholarships left, Bordwell is hoping to attract 10 more area educators to the cost-free event.

'We're hoping to recruit from some of the coastal communities as well,' she said.

Although there are 12 lessons in the curriculum, only four will be covered during the Feb. 14 session because of limited time. However, teachers will be provided with all the needed materials including teacher instructional materials and handouts on all the lessons.

The workshop will focus on such topics as:

n Why is globalization so controversial? This will include a role-playing exercise where participants will represent the various factions of the 1999 World Trade Organization in Seattle that drew widespread protests and arrests.

n Why people trade (both domestically and internationally)? The discussion will include comparative and economic advantages.

n Globalization and the environment. Everything from gross national product to examinations of developed and developing countries will be discussed.

n Protecting the U.S. sugar industry from foreign outsourcing. This includes a look at trade barriers including tariffs, quotas and subsidies. It will look at a case study as well.

One of the day's highlights is expected to be a globalization panel discussion set for noon at Hawthorn Farm Athletic Club, 4800 N.E. Belknap Court, Hillsboro.

Aloha Vice Principal Ken Yarnell will moderate a panel expected to include Tom Hughes, mayor of Hillsboro; Steve Pawlowski, an Intel executive; and Kate Delhagen, general manager of Nike Running USA.

The workshop is supported through grants from the U.S. Department of Education, The National Council on Economic Education, the Oregon Council on Economic Education and Mount Hood Community College.

To sign up, contact Kelly Bordwell at 503-259-4713 or send e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.