Measure 49 'a mess'

My heart goes out to the Kitchen family. We trust that our legislators will represent us when they pass laws. Measure 37 was passed by the people. Measure 49 was put together in the back room somewhere and was misrepresented to the people. Now we have a mess. Do our legislators really know that they destroy our trust in them when these things happen? I don't think they care. The city of Sandy is spreading out using so-called high value farmland. That is OK, I guess, because they are who they are.



Protesters' actions almost treasonous

My fellow traveler Bill Brookhart and I are pretty much of one mind. We both disagree with the far left's continual protest against its own government.

As a Navy World War II vet, I agree with your right to protest, but I am convinced you are aiding and encouraging our enemy who are sworn to kill us. And this in the middle of a war?

In my opinion, this borders on treason. Bin Laden must love you guys. You should rather support past and present service personnel who gave and are giving the last full measure of devotion to protect our freedom (and your right to protest). Scientists tell us that we are what we eat. Nuts must be more common in our diet than we thought.

So, you heard obscenities and got flipped off? Bill and I and many others walked and protested baby killing and the abomination of perversion. What we endured would make an old-time mule-skinner blush. Tolerance, right? William Sloan once stated the world is too dangerous for anything but truth and too small for anything but love. Truth sets us free until the daystar comes. Let us walk and strive to be part of the answer rather than part of the problem. Let us strive to draw together in unity to really listen and respect each other.



We're moving forward

In response to some comments made on the Sandy Post's Web site, I would suggest that you get involved in the process before condemning the outcome. There have been massive improvements and changes in all the areas you are talking about in the last two years.

How long do our children have to suffer because people are always afraid of the worst-case happening or because someone in the past screwed up? It doesn't mean we should never move forward, does it?

There are several groups that are working together to make sure this is all done right this time. If you have doubts, get involved and find out for yourself. Go to the VOTE (Value Oregon Trail Education) meetings. Attend the community forums or the school board meetings. Come to the high school summits or any of the many other forums for community involvement. Talk to the new superintendent. Take a tour of the high school.

Everyone involved is very aware of the issues of the past, and there are many dedicated people working hard to ensure that past mistakes don't happen again.

Things don't happen overnight, and old issues are not easily forgotten, but let's work together to move forward. The children of our community deserve that!



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