Local Music: Fernando

Argentine import has CD gift in store
by: ©2008 KRISTEN BOYER, This weekend Fernando Viciconte brings together his original band for some of his classic tunes as well as a few from a new, yet-unreleased album.

Even with the record industry in a slump, it would be worth starting a label just to be able to boast that you put out the upcoming release from critically acclaimed local singer-songwriter Fernando Viciconte.

The honey-voiced crooner - who has earned comparisons to George Harrison and Elliott Smith for his classic songwriter vibe - has just finished a new album, 'True Instigator,' and is looking for a home for it.

Whether you're a would-be record mogul or just a fan, you should make it down to tonight's show at Mississippi Studios, where Viciconte and his original band (consisting of Dan Eccles from Richmond Fontaine, Joe Chiusano and drummer Scott McPherson) will debut material from the new record and play old favorites.

Viciconte is making noises about eventually returning to his native Argentina, so catch him while you can.

- Barbara Mitchell

10 p.m. SATURDAY, Jan. 19, Mississippi Studios, 3939 N. Mississippi Ave., 503-288-3895, $10