A letter to Phil Stanford: I love your column, wouldn't miss it. Regarding your column 'Money is clean and the race is on' (Jan. 11), I absolutely think Erik Sten should pay back the city the money he will not be using due to his early exit.

Most of us in Portland still are reeling from the huge and ill-conceived PGE buyout (his idea, I guess) that went nowhere and cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

He oughta pay it back, and there oughta be a law.

Marilyn Owen

Northeast Portland

A business wouldn't have put up with this

I, for one, am glad that Erik Sten is leaving office. He cost the city a huge amount of wasted money. Leaving will keep all taxpayers away from his love of spending their money.

If he had created the same waste in the business world, he would have been booted out of the job.

Steven C. Ball

Northeast Portland

Poet makes a plea for puzzles

A poem for the Portland Tribune:

There are those in this city who live for the news

They devour each story and column

There are also the sports fans that check the reviews

With faces intent and quite solemn

Some grab a Tribune and wait for a bus

Some check out good restaurants and movies

But there are a bunch who would like to discuss

Why no PUZZLES are making us loonies!

So, here's one more plea from me and all Portland

That you would at least reconsider

The anguish we're in out here in Trib'land

Without PUZZLES to keep us all 'fitter'!

Jan Lindsay

Southwest Portland

Blue Moon Camera has lots of company

I am writing in response to your recent Q and A with Jake Shivery (Jan. 11).

My background in the classic camera field is that I am an avid amateur photographer and a professional camera repair person, specializing in pre-1960 cameras.

Peter Korn's article gives the impression that Shivery is the sole promoter of film photography (or typewriters) in the Portland area.

This is incredibly ignorant and wildly inaccurate. Blue Moon Camera and Machine is a newcomer to the classic camera market and, as such, is a very minor player in the local market.

Historically, the two big players in the sale of classic cameras are Hollywood Camera and Citizens Photo. Both are located on the east side and have been in the local market for decades.

In the case of Citizens, it is a full-service camera shop selling new (icky digital) cameras, as well as used classic film cameras.

With Hollywood Camera, there is not a single digital camera in the entire store. The owner Ed Schonneker has been working there since 1951.

Also, unique to the local market is that fact that Schonneker allows camera enthusiasts and collectors to gather and socialize in his shop each Saturday, like an old-time barber shop.

How about an article about Hollywood Camera and Schonneker, or about the sales staff at Citizens? These are the shops in the area that have a proven commitment to film photography.

Mark Hansen

Southeast Portland

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